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I wish i could update this blog of mine contineously. I am really busy for something that i could't help. But, whatever how busy i am now, i will always find a time for this blog. Actually i miss also my friends in the blogosphere. I miss you guys i am coming to visit your site .

I just had my swimming session this early morning in the pool with my daughter. I swim at least three to four times a week for about an hour. My age of fifty plus i am already a candidate for Rheuma or arthritis. I could feel the development of this disease everytime when i just staying at home without exercise so i do swimming 3 times a week. While my daughter loves swimming to keep her slim body shape but she feels swimming is not enough because if she eats normal amount she gains unwanted weight. That her problem specially that she's working already, there are times that she don't have time for swimming exercise or to gym.I am sure this is also the problem of busy people who wants to reduce their weight, they can't find time to go to gym regularly.
WEll, its not a problem for you people, brows your internet and search diet pills reviews. You don't need to spend time in the pool or gym overtime to reduce your unwanted weight but just take pills as for your natural weight loss. This diet pills acts in the body to boost your metabolism, lose weight and makes you more energetic because it can improves your stamina anything you want to do, exercise or sports. This diet pills reviews is very recommendable to everyone specially if your aiming to manage and achieve a perfect weight you wanted for your body shape.If you are in Australia? it is good for you because diet pills reviews australia is available there.

Lipidemia is the presence of excess lipids in the blood. It is also called hypercholesterol. Once an individual has an excess lipids in the blood, h/ she is a candidate of cardiovascular disease , stroke, high blood pressure if not controlled or treated. Cardiovascular disease or heart attack is one of the number one killer disease not only in United State but almost all over the world. Yes. it is really hard to have high lipids in the blood. It really affects your life style. If you want to lengthen your life, you need to avoid fatty and salty foods, smoking and drinking too much alcohol and avoid stress and you take L-arginine Plus because it helps to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and sex drive loss. This is very effective but you have to consult the doctor first before taking to avoid l-arginine side effects. You must remember that every drug has side effects so you must consult first a doctor to give you the right dose or advice you not to take it due to presence of some ailment like sickle cell anemia or liver disease.
Since have many patients proven the effective l-arginine benefits, why not try it, because you will surely live longer but also very affordable compare to other treatment of lipidemia. You will only spend $100 per month for l-arginine supplement which is really cheaper than other supplement sold by net working or in the drug stores.
Consult your doctor now before its to late. Everybody knows cardiovascular disease or stroke is fatal but still some are not minding or seeking medical attention.

Hello friends specially nurses out there? I hope your nursing job all goes smoothly. Lucky those nurses who are employed after their graduation because mostly registered nurses in our country are still unemployed. They are doing call center job to earn for a living. Some works in the hospital free (no salary ) just to get a contineous practice or training as a requirement wnen they apply for registered nurse employment in other country.
College students choose nursing course to take up because they believe that they can be hired easily to work abroad and salary abroad for registered nurses are high compare to our country. I can also assured the people all through out the world that Pilipino nurses are very competent in nursing job.
Anyone of you looking for nurses employment may apply online. There is a very recommendable site which hiring for registered nurse employment and pharmacist jobs as well. Expedient Medstaff is an agency providing nurse staffing and other healthcare staffing in different big hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, community health services and other health institutions. So much area or specialty to choose from. You can count on them because salary is high and application process only in three minutes. Expedient Medstaff also looking for physician assistant jobs. Apply now, tell your relatives , friends or family members whom you think lookng for a job offer like these!

Drug Addiction is an overwhelming desire to consume illegal drugs , the securing of its supply and a high tendency toward relapse after withdrawal. Regardless of the consequences or untoward effect to the body, an addicted individual can not help himself not to consumed of alcohol or illegal drugs that he used to. Their favorite is alcohol that can buy anywhere in the supermarket or wine store which leads them to alcohol addiction while illegal drugs sold by illegal drug dealers such as narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and other more. Despite of the "NO TO DRUGS"campaign of every government of most countries, but still these drugs uncontrollably produced and dispatched and sold to drug users.
In some countries, eighty percent of the adults consume alcohol and the majority derive more pleasure than pain from their drinking. Actually alcohol and drugs caused accident, injuries, broken home, mental disorder and major medical problems. It is not easy to have member of the family with alcohol or drug addiction. It caused quarrels, tensions and no peace within the house. Sometimes, the addicted member of the family steal the money of other member of the family for drug. The only best thing to do is to bring the addict individual to a rehab center for treatment. You can just search a rehab center in the internet to save your time and effort but be sure you chose the best that you can count on for the welfare of the patient and the family. There is one recommendable rehab center providing holistic treatment programs. They don't just focus on medical and physical aspect of drug and alcohol addiction but they also includes emotional , spiritual, and psychological aspect. An excellent approach because these people developed a mental disorder such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression and etc. Usually individuals turned into addiction because of emotional problem. They maybe the products of broken homes, divorced, unloved, raped, disharmony within the home and bad influence of friends or partner. And with the holistic treatment programs they renders the best care to eradicate all of these traumatic experiences from the mind of the patient. They treat the individual as a whole mind, body and soul. You can't find these complete approach in other drug rehabilitation Center , only in Holistic Drug Treatment Center. Try also holistic drug rehab Florida, with the unique and complete facilities, professional and expert staffs and most of all very affordable rate.

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid the causes of the disease before it inflicts you. Mostly diseases cause by bacteria, virus and other microbes are around the house. We should not just be contented that our house are clean if free from dirts. These microorganisms are not seen by naked eyes and you may acquire easily through direct or cross contamination. They are the causes of different kinds of diseases if we have acquired them. Clean and neat home is relaxing and must not just only be neat or clean but must be free from bacteria. Use cleaning complete package with right solution in cleaning your home. You can buy cleaning machines and cleaning solutions from Rug Doctor. Click the ads RUG DOCTOR at the left side bar of this website. The easiest way to purchase cleaning package and high quality products.

Dyslipidemia is a disorder in the metabolism of lipoprotein, could be overproduction or deficiency.

high cholesterol level
high (LDL) - it is abnormally high of the " bad" low density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrates in the blood
low (HDL) - it is abnormally low of "good" density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrates in the blood.
high blood pressure

anti - dyspilidemia drug as per doctors order after laboratory procedures specially Blood Chemistry.

Patient advice the following:
low salt, low fat diet
eat fruits, vegetables and fishes instead of fatty meat
take medication as ordered by the doctor
blood pressure monitoring

Hello friends in medical profession! I understand that mostly medical staffs have the hard time to shop for uniforms due to their hectic and shifting schedules in the hospital. It is good now that there is an online shopping unlike before that you need to spare one day shopping for cloth materials and bring to the dressmaker.

We are now lucky that there are ready made and high quality uniforms for sale online. Yes! here is the best and recommendable site for you when it comes to our uniforms in the hospital . Just click this link . You can find here the simple scrubs but made out of high quality fabric. Perfectly fits to your body but surely you can move freely and comfortable while doing your nursing job. You know? nursing job is not easy, there are times that you need to run for emergency cases that's why, nursing scrubs must be durable also.
What more you are waiting for? buy your uniform online now! No hassles and most of all, they are cheap but of course, they are high quality products.

FOR RENT: condo residential unit
(1 bedroom type) . 29 square meter.
15,000 Philippine Peso/ month if unfurnished
17,000Philippine Peso/ month if semi furnished
22,000PhilippinePeso/ month if fully furnished
Contact 09279786771 or email nanaybelen@gmail. com

You can also contact me if you are interested to purchased one of their units.
CITYLAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, the Leading Condominium Developer National Awardee, proudly announces the launching of another project that is conveniently located at Mandaluyong Executive Subdivision, G. Enriquez Street, Brgy. Vergara, Mandaluyong City.

Only minutes away from Makati City, MEM III offers commercial and residential units in studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom type at affordable prices in easy installment terms of up to ten (10) years. Everything is just within reach like shopping malls (Rockwell, SM Megamall, The Podium, Shangrila Plaza, Puregold, Market Place, Robinson's Pioneer, Edsa Central, Star Mall), schools, hotels and restaurants, banks, hospitals, churches. Common building features and amenities are provided for your convenience. An investment that affords you the best location at the right price.


Common Children's Play Area
Viewing Deck
Information Counter
Administration Office
Common Basketball Court
24-Hour Association Security
2 Elevators
Refuse Chute
AFSS / Fire Alarm System
Emergency Power Back-Up System For Common Area
CCTV at The Lobby
Cable TV Provision / MATV
Sewage Treatment Plant
Individual Mailbox
Car Ramp Signalling System
Underground & Elevated Water Tank


Hi nurses out there including the doctors and other medical staffs on duty in the hospital where i was working with! I missed you all guys. I can't help but my life destined to be a stay at home mom after many years worked with you as a staff nurse. Though it is hard but inspiring rendering care to sick individuals. I remember those days when we have so much fun after our duty. There were also time that i got a memo of suspension for one more late from the administrative office due to late reporting for duty. Yes i don't have my own car unlike my co-nurses , doctors and medical staffs and i am just commuting. It was a co incidence that two consecutive morning i ride in a passenger bus with a defective rim. The bus need to stop for repair and i need to transfer to another passenger bus . It took me 30 minutes to wait for the next bus. The ward where i was assigned was so busy and i should be there on time, unluckily i arrived late.
Cars, taxi and other vehicles must have to check and see to it that rim, wheel and other accessories of their vehicles before departing to their destinations. My bad experience serves a lesson to my co workers specially those hospital workers who drives their own car. It is not easy if their car stopped at the middle of the road going to duty specially those doctors on call for emergency. For sure performance of their car accessories they must have to visit the website of CarID. It features the high quality car accessories including wheels and rims.

Universal Wheels & Rims

Drug addiction is an abnormal condition due to overwhelming use of narcotic drugs, securing its supply and high tendency toward relapse after withdrawal. Alcoholism is the use of alcoholic beverages that causes any damage to the individual, society or both . The Effects of alcohol depends on the amount ingested of the individual. The short term effect following ingestion of alcohol includes lightheadedness, dizziness, blurred vision, loss of motor control and personality changes, depression and irritability, low frustration tolerance. Hangover in the morning after prolonged drinking alcohol for a short period of time. Hangover symptoms are headache, nausea and disorientation. Continues drinking of alcohol as a habit, produces tolerance, alcoholic’s compulsive inability to stop drinking. This may lead to inflammation of nerves, liver damage, hardening of brain cell, gastric acidity and alcoholism. Not only his vital organ is affected but his whole life including his occupation and social life and family. Many families broke like if the head of the family become addicted to alcohol or drug. His incapacity to sustain his children will leads to broken home and juvenile delinquency.
Drug addiction in adolescents is same as like Alcoholism that they start to take drug in a very small amount with the influence of adolescents friends. Influences from outside home environment of an adolescents is a big factor that guide a person's decision to use drug or alcohol despite of lavish love given to them by their parents.
Before it's too late parents must have to enter their alcoholic or drug addict adolescents as soon as possible in in California Drug Rehab for drug treatment. They accepts men and women adolescents and even adult individuals for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, detox and rehabilitation. This rehabilitation center is well facilitated to make the patients feels comfortable and feels like more than a home actually while they are under treatment. Home like environment is very important for addict patients because disharmony at their own home is one of the reason why they become drug or alcohol addict. The drug rehab is just somewhere in California USA. It is a rehab that you can count on and proven by so may students and celebrities who had undergone for treatment and rehabilitation in this institution. What more you are waiting for?
California Drug Rehabilitation is the best. It was founded 1978 and fully State Licensed and Certified drug rehabilitation. Renders the finest and appropriate treatment individually in affordable payments.

It's been almost for four months that i was not able to update this blog. I've been so busy for so many things, hopefully i can do it from now on. I found now that it is not easy to manage multiple blogs specially when all of them needs to make post for them at the same day plus some paid post.
I'll try to post some soon.

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