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I am so glad for the Filipino concern Citizens, private organization groups from different sectors, private companies, celebrities who donated for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy . It is an overflowing of donations in cash and in kind. Victims has no problem of relief goods and food and water supply as long as they are reachable by the donors. But a big problem is the overcrowded evacuation centers where there is no enough toilets and bathrooms. And others who stays at their own home with the water inside their house are still at knee high are afflicted with athletes foot and other skin diseases. This is common superficial infection caused by fungus. Manifested by a vesicular rash then scaling and itchyness, erythematous rash in between the toes or digitals.
Treatment of Athletes Foot is must have to keep it dry and clean. Advised to soaked with potassium permanganate or saline 2 times daily to relieve itchyness and promotes healing. Acute needs doctors advised for ointments and antibiotics for severe cases.
Preventive Measures:
> Keep the feet dry specially in between the toes
>Wear cotton socks or stocking . cotton material may absorbs perspiration and moist avoided. Moist enhances the growth of fungi
>Apply talcum powder or anti fungal powder two times a day
> Put small cotton balls in between toes during the night to absorb moist to keep it dry
>Avoid tight shoes or rubber boots
> Change socks frequently

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In times of floods is very dangerous on everyone's health. There is an outbreak of the following:
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection in humans. An infection occur by contact with water contaminated with rats or mouse urine.
Dengue- is an acute febrile disease caused my Aedes Aegypti Mosquito bites. The patient manifested severe headache, muscle and joint pains, body weakness, fever and rashes appeared. More symptoms are there to come out and needs to be hospitalized soon for proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent further complications
Diarrhrea- is also very common because of the possibility of ingesting contaminated foods. Possibility to be prone to dehydration and gastric infection.
Respiratory infection due to weather and unavoidable and failure of sanitation in the flooded area this could contributes outbreak of this disease.
In this situation the medical team are alert to diagnosed and give a proper treatment and management. And people as well must be aware of the possible causes of the diseases and seek medical treatment at once.

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