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Yes friends. Christmas is fast approaching. My kids are scheduled for some out of town again and overnight parties. I must prepare durable traveling bag for them which is enough for their personal things. I don't want to be happen again what was happened last year. My son attended a two days camping last Christmas 2008. I bought a traveling bag which is big enough for all her things. I made it sure accommodates everything in just one big bag so nothing be left behind. I am just shocked when she came back home, the bag was tore and the zipper separated and can't close anymore. He said his one jogging pant and towel lost. This time i think i should buy the best and durable one. I browsed my computer to shop online and I found Posylane .com A website offering Mint Personalized duffle bag. This personalized bag is exactly for students because you know sometimes students they have the same bags and there is always a possibility to interchanged with one another student's bag. They are still young and most of them are careless. Personalized duffle bag is created with Mint's signature fabric so expect the durability and work well for students , young kids and adults. They look also cute and different colors are there to choose from. I like the pink for my daughter and blue for my son.

It is also great if i shop for laundry bag as well . I want the double shoulder strap to prevent overflowing or lugging around when the laundry bag is already fall. That is usually what happed if there is no drawstring. Mint's creation is great, laundry clothes are always secured with its drawstrings. No messy at all.

Mint's insulated lunch totes are also available . It is a nice match! duffle bag, laundry bag and insulated lunch totes. It is a great gift set. Is it? If i were you, i don't waste my time to shop around anymore for a Christmas gift for your kids or friends. Just search straight and you may just order online. This is internet boutique specializes in unique and personalized gifts for women, kids and more.

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