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Abbreviation and Terms:

O.D. - ocular Dexter; or R.E.- right eye
O.S. - 0cular sinester; or L.E. - left eye
O.U. - ocular unistas; or O2 - both eyes together
D -diopter - unit of measurement of strenght of refractive power of lenses
E.O.M- extra ocular muscles
H ( hyperopia, hypermetropia - farsightedness
HT (hypertropia)- upward deviation of one eye
ST (esotropia)- inward deviation of one eye
XT (exotropia)- outward deviation of one eye. { convex+} {concave-}
Diplopia- seeing one object as two (double vision)
Ectropion- turning out of eyelid
Entropion- turning in of eyelid
Ptosis - drooping of upper eyelid
Presbyopia- lessining of power of accommodation owing to aging process
Photophobia - fear of light

Now a days every individual are prone to sickness. because we are not eating a balance diet in every meal. Usually now, people just eating attractive foods or deliciously prepared food not considering if there is a vitamin content. But still lucky because there are vitamin supplements products available. These are preparation intended to supplement a human diet with vitamins,dietary products and other nutritional elements. Such preparations are available in the form of tablets, capsules, pastilles, powders, liquids and injectable formulations.

Stomatitis- an inflammatory condition of the mouth.

Primary causes are may due to herpes Simplex and measles, local trauma such as cheek biting, ill-fitting dentures; excessive intake of alcohol, tobacco , hot food or from mouth washes or toothpaste.

Systemic causes : avitaminosis, blood disorder like perniceous anemia, or leukemia. systemic infection such as syphilis

Signs and Symptoms:
painful ulcer of the mucus membrane

Nursing Care:
sterility precausion
infectious precausion

Energy needs our body to reach the optimal performance in sports, daily works , loss weight or wellness or disease prevention. We need to maintain our body healthy and strong by taking the right nutritious foods to keep the calories useful in our body. A balance diet should always includes foods rich in protein to builds the body and keep healthy and strong. There are individuals who used to weak and unhealthy because they eat at home or restaurant not considering protein content . Some are choosy and some just eats of their favorite like sweets or fatty foods.. This is an improper eating habit guys! You might become weak and sick. Try supplement your diet with protein.

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Whey protein isolate powder is recommendable to children to increase mental ability in school and focus more on their daily activities. Flavors to choose from like vanilla or chocolate are available.

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Sign and Symptoms

  • Nasal discharge
  • sore throat
  • sneezing malaise
  • fever
  • chilliness
  • headache
  • muscle aching


  • increase fluid intake
  • advise to drink enough fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C to increase resistant against infection
  • advice rest
  • prevention of chilling by applying hot bags at the lower extremities
  • advise warm water gargles to soothe the sore throat
  • proper disposal of paper tissues
  • covering mouth when coughing to avoid the spread of virus to other
  • avoid going to crowds
  • observe careful handwashing to avoid spreading of virus through indirect contact
Treatment: Decongestant as prescribed by the physician

VARICOSE ULCER- inflammatory necrotic tissue caused by prolonged venous stains and edema seen in patient with varicose veins


  • skin discolored and browny
  • hard edema
  • burning pain ulceration

That's true..millions of people in the world trying to be slim and wanted to loss some excess weight. And so many diet pills in the drugstore for sale from different companies . Sometimes you are not sure if those manufacturers are licensed . One year ago, one daughter of a celebrity was rushed to emergency hospital and confined for five days. She was admitted with a complaints of dizziness and fainting after taking pills for loosing weight . She was about to celebrate her 18'th birthday that s why she took that pills to loss wait but unfortunately instead getting slim body but she was in danger. The mother said that said pills was bought in the big drugstore and enclosed a drug literature and clearly written that there is no adverse reaction. The pills is like a weight loss scam trying to take advantage to convince those desperate overweight individuals.

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MYOCARDITIS - in an inflammation of the myocardium

Signs and Symptoms

  • fatique
  • dyspnea- difficulty of breathing
  • palpitations
  • occasional pre cordial discomfort
Findings to a patient with myocardium
  • cardiac murmur- heart sounds like fluid passing an obstruction due to the dysfuntion of the papillary muscles of the heart
  • enlargement of the heart
  • pericardial friction
  • fever with tachycardia-
  • gallop rhythm
  • possible development of congestive heart failure
Nursing Cares:
  • Monitoring vital Signs , heart sounds pulse, respirations and blood pressure record and report further abnormality
  • Rmeasure and record daily fluid output and input
  • record weight daily
  • check for any presence of edema on extremities
  • Carry out medications accurately and observed for toxic effect of digitalis
  • elevate head for if patient request
  • observed for development of dysrhythmias
  • resuscitation equipment is always ready
  • emotional support to patient to prevent anxiety
  • proper approach to answer her question


How many days more..another year comes again. I am sure by now , we had something in our mind for a new years resolution. Usually most of new years resolution i heard was to change her life to be more friendly, loving to parents or love one, not to cheat parents or friends, or going to church every Sunday or to be good parents or good person and to study harder for students. Life before was simpler than these days. Life now is complicated especially finances and way of living. We have so many things longing for like house and lots, cars, vacations, jeweleries , and expensive stuffs. I admire a person don't stop aiming and determined to achieve his goal. I am sure by this time you're one of them.

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Colonoscopy is the direct visualization of the large intestine by the use of colonoscope to assess the the large intestines for a presence a condition such as polyps, strictures, ulcerative collitis, crohn's disease and cancer condition.
Preparation Care to patient before Colonoscopy

  • First explain the procedure to the patient/ immediate family. Understanding about the procedure promotes cooperation and relieve anxiety to patient.
  • Take the consent from patient or immediate family.
  • Limit patients intake to clear liquids for 24-48 hours before the procedure or as directed by the endoscopist
  • administer cathartic as prescribed by the physician in the evening for two days before the examination
  • saline enemas until return are clear 3 hours before the colonoscopy
  • prepare equiptments and be sure all are working properly
  • let patient void and gown to be on
  • Administer all medications ordered by physician like analgesic or sedative
  • keep vein open for administering emergency medications as directed by the physician
  • Vital signs taken and record
Nurse assist the physician during the procedure

Intestinal Obstruction - is an intestinal content can not flow normally along the intestinal tract.

Two types
mechanical- physical obstruction of the passage of the intestinal content without without disturbing the blood supply of the intestines

paralytic ileus- no physical obstruction of the passage of the intestinal content

Causes of Intestinal Obstruction

  • cancer
  • foreign body lodged in the bowel like false teeth, jewelry, large fruit or seed and etc.
  • stricture of the bowel due to scar of the ulcer in the wall of the intestine
  • hernia
  • intusseption
  • twisted intestine
Signs and symptoms:
colic (cramps)
abdominal distention
increased blowel sounds
abdominal pain

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Hemorrhoids is the rupture of veins in the anus

*Internal hemorrhoid is located inside the rectum and usually painless.
*External hemorrhoid is develop under the skin at the opening of the anal cavity. extremely painful

Signs and Symptoms:
ichyness of the anus
burning sensation
bleeding during defecation
infection of the ulceration
stool colored with bright red color due to injury of the affected veins

high fiver diet to soften stool because hard stool injure the mucosa with hemorrhoid
hot sitz bath to relieve pain and swelling
for prolapse hemorrhoid

  • apply cold compress to anal area
  • return hemorrhoid back manually and gently to the anal sphincter
  • apply ointment as prescribed by the physician

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Otitis (external)- bacterial or fungal infection is caused from trauma or abrasion of the ear canal or from swimming if water is contaminated .


  • pain
  • edematous
  • antibiotic ear drop or oral depends on the physician's order

Furuncle of the External Canal- infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the external canal

Signs and symptoms:
  • pain
  • ringing of the ear
  • deafness or ear noise in the affected ear
  • fever headache
  • enlargement of the local lymph nodes
  • Antibiotic- as prescribed by the physician

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