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Yes friends if you are not yet decided what career you want to be , I can highly recommend Career Education . net this website can helps you choosing the best course to study. You have to be careful and wise in choosing the best education you take suits to you. Choose the the best education that in demand job like Medical Assisting. What ever happen to our economy, medical assisting job related will always be in the top list of in demand. There are more hospitals, clinics and diagnostic clinics are in need of medical assistant to assist physicians. Medical assistant are the one incharge in filing the record of patient and scheduling patients for their medical and diagnostic procedures. The Medical education is also now revising the curriculum that someday will also increase the duties and responsibilities like assisting the doctors directly in medical patient care and treatment. Taking blood pressure and vital signs and and other patients care.
Yes I personally agree that The U.S. Department of Labor says that ultrasound school graduates are part of the top 16 most sought after professionals in the nation today. That is the main reason why ultrasound tech school now is booming all over the country. But must have to choose the right ultrasound tech school that can provide you the best education of ultrasound. The school should be fully facilitated with new gadgets and machines for the actual practice of the students.The school professors must be well experienced ultrasound professionals that had gone through great ultrasound and sonography experiences so that students can acquire the best knowledge and ultrasound tech training to achieve competent ultrasound technician to be. Know why? 90 percent of the patient now adays underwent ultrasound as advised by the attending physician for diagnostic purpose. Usually doctors finalized their diagnosis from the result of the ultrasound. That is how ultrasound important in patient's diagnosis. Due to high technology , this one very important machine for visualizing the condition of the internal organs. So this is one medical equipment that always needed in the hospitals which always be operates by an ultrasound technician only.
Medical diagnostic clinics are also now booming runs privately and usually situated near the big hospitals, malls and near the private doctor's clinic and other establishments. The more hospitals , clinics and diagnostic clinics in the world so no doubts that the whole world need more competent ultrasound technicians .

So many blind cases now adays. There are blind who are in born and some are due to injury or accidents and due to some diseases .
For those who marked visual impairment needs a healthy adjustment and and at least they must be entrusted to the skilled in rehabilitation to ensure a perfect adjustment or acceptance of her/his condition. They need encouragement instead of treating them as unlucky persons. Help them to overcome the feeling of awkwardness and let them that they can do their activities alone. He must slowly allow her to survey the room , house by walking around and touching the furnitures and never leave the door open.
When walking outside, someone has to guide and the use of a cane. to prevent him bumping the walls or walk on a open high places that cause him to fall.
Assist the blind for good personal appearance .

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There are instances that a Glaucoma patient should be avoided to prevent the increase of intraocular pressure.

  • Excessive fluid intake
  • avoid lifting heavy objects
  • It is like a high blood pressure patient that should have to avoid worries, fear, excitement and angers. Should be relax and at peaceful mind.
  • Excessive reading is avoided should be moderate only
  • maintain good bowel movement because constipation may increase pressure

Chronic Glaucoma- the common form of glaucoma

Sign and Symptoms:

  • mild discomfort
  • tired feeling in the eye
  • impairment of vision

Post Operative Care:
  • irrigation of both eyes often or as prescribed by the physician
  • weak solution of pilocarpine are instilled in the unaffected eye if doctor adviced
  • keep the patient flat for 24 hours to prevent prolapse of the iris to the incision
  • liqued diet
  • advised follow up check up when discharged on the fifth day of operation

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Acute (narrow-angle) Glaucoma- the intraoccular pressure rapidly increase with severe pain occurs in and around the eyes

Signs and Symptoms:

  • vision is cloudy and blurred
  • severe pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • pupil dilated
Nursing Care:
  • this is an emergency so the patient must be seen and treated by the eye specialist physician as soon as possible to avoid blindness
  • carry out medication and other doctor's order accurately
  • keep patient on bed rest

Glaucoma- is an increase intraocular pressure. Occurs usually in a n individuals at age of 40 and above.



  • are simple chronic glaucoma and congestive glaucoma.
  • chronic simple is inherited
  • unknown cause but associated with those individuals who are emotionally disturbed or allergy
  • type of glaucoma occurs in a condition of trauma, aphakia, iritis, tumor, hemorrhage and etc.
Intraoccular Pressure increased during:
bending to pick up an object
sneezing or turning the head suddenly
rubbing eyes
closing eyes tightly when there is an abrupt flying dirt or dust
brushing hair
emotionally upset

Cataract- is an opacity or cloudness of the crystalline lens of the eyes

Signs and Symptoms:

  • pain
  • objects are distorted and blurred
  • gradual loss of vision
  • pupils usually milky white color

Pre-operative Care:
  • explain the procedure to the patient or immediate family
  • psychological reassurance
  • take consent for surgery from patient or immediate family
  • pre-medications to be carried out as ordered by the physician
Post-operative Care:
  • eyes is kept bandage for 5-10 days
  • eyeshield to be worn over the bandage to prevent injury
  • rest in bed for sometime

Detached Retina- separation of thr retina from the choroid

Sign and symptoms:

  • flashes of light
  • blurred vision
  • sensation of particles moving in his line of vision
  • blank vision then finally resulting in loss of vision
  • fear of blindness
Nursing Care:
  • psychological reaasurance to prevent anxiety due to fear of blindness
  • keep patient in bed rest
  • apply bandage in hope that retina will be back into normal position as much as possible before surgery

Keratitis- inflammation of the cornea and if infection progresess it caused ulceration of the cornea and may spreads deeper to the iris resulting pus yellowish discharges collect behind the cornea

Conjunctivitis -

  • inflammation of the conjunctiva due to bacterial infection, allergy, trauma and viral.
  • rickettsial or chemical injury
  • redness
  • pain
  • swelling
  • lacrimation
Nursing care:
  • frequent irrigation to remove the discharge
  • warm compresses
  • wash hands before and after cleaning or treating
  • use clean washcloths and face towels should always only by his own use


  • it is a cyst of the meibomian glands.
  • just it occurs as a small lump, hard and painless in the lid
  • incission usually done because most of the cyst were became infected.
Nursing Care:
  • hot compress of the affected site
  • incision and drainage and express the cyst by the physician


  • chronic highly communicable disease of the eyelids. It is caused by virus
  • Follicles appear on the conjunctiva after acute inflammatory process and eyelids turns in if scar formation in the eyelids which causes the lashes to scratched the cornea. Constant scratching causes irritation and infection. which leads to ulceration and blindness.
Nursing care:
  • encourage patient and family tp prevent the spread of the disease. dire
  • isolate patient because this disease spreads through direct contact
  • pesonal hygiene
  • carried out antibiotic treatment as prescribed by the physician

Acute Cervical Adenitis- infection of the lymphatic glands of the neck secondary to an infection of the mouth pharynx or the scalp.


  • from infected tonsils
  • pediculosis- cause of infection of the posterior group of glands
  • infection due to tooth problem

Signs and Symptoms:
  • swelling of one side of the neck, tender and edematous
  • abscess formation
  • spontaneous rupture if swelling not incised
  • children are the once usually affected so regular inspection and proper care and appropriate prophylactic treatment for teeth and tonsil to avoid infection
  • parasiticides is applied in case of pediculosis
  • proper hair care to avoid lice infestation

Vincent's Angina - is usually called "trench mouth" and a pseudomembranous ulceration affecting the edges of the gums, the mucosa of the mouth, the tonsils and pharynx caused by spirochets and a fusiform bacillus

Signs and symptoms

  • painful bleeding gums
  • painful upon talking and swallowing
  • fever
  • lymph nodes in the neck
Nursing Care
  • mouthwash hourly or irrigation
  • soft diet or liquid diet to reduce trauma of the gums and avoid acidic odor
  • sterilizing utensils

Blephritis- infection of the eyelids with redness, irritation and mucopurulent disharges

Nursing Care:

  • maintain cleanliness
  • prevent excessive dryness
  • keep the scalp clean and daily cleaning of the eyelid by rubbing gently with clean face towel
  • anti-infection ointment as prescribed by the physician

Sty (external hordeolum)- infection of the eyelash follicle at the edge of the eyelid

Signs and Symptoms:

Nursing Care:
hot compress at early stage
removal of the lash followed by drainage of the pus

Depormities is one complication of an illness or injury. One of way to prevent is proper POSITIONING- a patient must have to encourage frequent changing of position, proper positioning in bed, exercise and ambulation

Purpose of positioning are:

  • prevent contraction
  • promote coughing exercises to stimulates to cough out respiratory secretions and lung expansion
  • to relieve pressure to a body area
  • stimulates circulation and help prevent thrombophlebitis, bed sores and edema of the extremities

Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type of Disease is the irreversible type of dementia characterized by progressive impairments of memory, judgment, language, cognition and self care . Or in other words it is a loss of memory of an aged individual and the cause is still unknown. It is the disease of among aged affecting approximately 20% of the population at age 80 years old. Once a grandparent manifest symptoms of dementia they submit for institutionalization because they don't have the knowledge and understanding dementia If no one of the family member is not specialized on dementia nursing care is really impossible that your grandparent will be given a proper care unless you hired a specialized caregiver to look after her/him 24 hours a day. Well it is not really easy to take care of dementia patient. This needs a full understanding and knowledge about dementia disease including all the possible dementia symptoms. This is focus on care rather than cure. They are potential for injury during the time of impulsive behavior and confusion. They get easily irritated to something and refuses self care despite of assisting them. There are times that there are dementia patient who are not institutionalized and just at home but they are abandoned and restrained. Maybe due to their children are irresponsible or lack of knowledge about the right of the aged individual that they must have to care them and they must have to submit for dementia treatment.

I am really glad about this web site They offers education about dementia disease and the signs and symptoms and treatment and care. Yes this is really important to every individual to learn everything about dementia. We need to care for our aged parents as how they care for us when we were young.

A patient with congestive heart failure must have to learn to lessen his activity to prevent reoccurence of the disease and prevent the progression of the disease.

  • He must have an adequate rest by shortening his working hours in a day.Must have to take a regular rest day and avoid emotional stress.
  • Avoid excessive eating and drinking. There are weight reduction exercise program that fits for heart failure patients.And There are also exercise program prescribed by the physician to improve circulation and muscle tone.
  • Must have a high resistance against respiratory infection. Cough aggravates stress
  • keep regular appointment with the physician for check up
  • Must have to be always aware of symptoms of congestive heart failure which indicates reoccurence like weight gain, loss of appetite persistent cough, shortness of breath, swelling of ankles, feet and abdomen.

Here in the Philippines is now the highest user of cellphone. Just imagine how Filipino people patronizes cellphones. From small kids age 6-7 years old has already his own cellphone and can operate by himself. Know why? A very close family relationships is the trait of every Filipino that will never fade. Always make sure there is a contineous contact or communication with each other. When cellphones invented and launched a decade ago Philippines is one of the highest consumers throughout the world for business and personal transaction. But most users had it only for personal purposes and made it sure that they have the latest model. I tell you ! there are also poor Filipino people who are living in the squatters area but they have their own loaded cellphone. For them, to have a cellphones looks like already had great breakfast.
One time i was shopping in SM Mega Mall .I was in kids department store ,there two kids at five to seven years old who are also shoppings. One of the kid's cellphone rang and the five years old boy answered his Cellphone "We are here Mommy at toys kingdom safely. Just shop there and fetch us here at Toys Kingdom when you are finished shopping. Just take your time." I am touched and amazed the importance of cellpnone when kids in the malls. At their early age they learned the proper use of cellphones and it is a big help to parents because she can monitor the whereabouts of their kids when they go outside the house. That is how fanatic cellphone user my countrymen that is why i am planning to put up cellphone store although I know there is a very tight competitions and they are already established . I have browsed a site that helps me to use the right marketing strategy to make a business boomed without delay.
Cellit Mobile Marketing is the provider of mobile marketing solutions to reach out costumer and let it the people know about the 5 digit phone number for text message promotion. Mobile shortcodes is a tool provided by cellit is now popularly increasing to promote your services or products until your customers become friends and automatically become loyal costumers. It is the easiest , effortless and not costly not like the old fashion way of promoting your products by home visit knocking costumer's door to door. So friends out there. If you are planning to start a business whether large or small, search provides you the tools and the right path to make your business profitable.

My Gushhhh! The other day early morning when i opened my profile. Half of the contents of my three blogs was saved draft . Unluckily when i republished it was all deleted. More than one hundred posts automatically deleted and the page rank turns to Zero. I think somebody hacked my accounts. I am really much worried because one of my blog has someone made a post and advising to delete this blog and somebody can use it. It is not a joke. If anyone of you can give an advise what i must do . Please tell me....

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