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Hi nurses out there including the doctors and other medical staffs on duty in the hospital where i was working with! I missed you all guys. I can't help but my life destined to be a stay at home mom after many years worked with you as a staff nurse. Though it is hard but inspiring rendering care to sick individuals. I remember those days when we have so much fun after our duty. There were also time that i got a memo of suspension for one more late from the administrative office due to late reporting for duty. Yes i don't have my own car unlike my co-nurses , doctors and medical staffs and i am just commuting. It was a co incidence that two consecutive morning i ride in a passenger bus with a defective rim. The bus need to stop for repair and i need to transfer to another passenger bus . It took me 30 minutes to wait for the next bus. The ward where i was assigned was so busy and i should be there on time, unluckily i arrived late.
Cars, taxi and other vehicles must have to check and see to it that rim, wheel and other accessories of their vehicles before departing to their destinations. My bad experience serves a lesson to my co workers specially those hospital workers who drives their own car. It is not easy if their car stopped at the middle of the road going to duty specially those doctors on call for emergency. For sure performance of their car accessories they must have to visit the website of CarID. It features the high quality car accessories including wheels and rims.

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