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I am so glad for the Filipino concern Citizens, private organization groups from different sectors, private companies, celebrities who donated for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy . It is an overflowing of donations in cash and in kind. Victims has no problem of relief goods and food and water supply as long as they are reachable by the donors. But a big problem is the overcrowded evacuation centers where there is no enough toilets and bathrooms. And others who stays at their own home with the water inside their house are still at knee high are afflicted with athletes foot and other skin diseases. This is common superficial infection caused by fungus. Manifested by a vesicular rash then scaling and itchyness, erythematous rash in between the toes or digitals.
Treatment of Athletes Foot is must have to keep it dry and clean. Advised to soaked with potassium permanganate or saline 2 times daily to relieve itchyness and promotes healing. Acute needs doctors advised for ointments and antibiotics for severe cases.
Preventive Measures:
> Keep the feet dry specially in between the toes
>Wear cotton socks or stocking . cotton material may absorbs perspiration and moist avoided. Moist enhances the growth of fungi
>Apply talcum powder or anti fungal powder two times a day
> Put small cotton balls in between toes during the night to absorb moist to keep it dry
>Avoid tight shoes or rubber boots
> Change socks frequently

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In times of floods is very dangerous on everyone's health. There is an outbreak of the following:
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection in humans. An infection occur by contact with water contaminated with rats or mouse urine.
Dengue- is an acute febrile disease caused my Aedes Aegypti Mosquito bites. The patient manifested severe headache, muscle and joint pains, body weakness, fever and rashes appeared. More symptoms are there to come out and needs to be hospitalized soon for proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent further complications
Diarrhrea- is also very common because of the possibility of ingesting contaminated foods. Possibility to be prone to dehydration and gastric infection.
Respiratory infection due to weather and unavoidable and failure of sanitation in the flooded area this could contributes outbreak of this disease.
In this situation the medical team are alert to diagnosed and give a proper treatment and management. And people as well must be aware of the possible causes of the diseases and seek medical treatment at once.

Hem0rrhoid is a varicose veins in the lower rectum or anal canal. Asymptomatic hemorrhoids does not require any treatment but when a patient manifest signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids, he/she must see a doctor. A patient advised to adhere to a lower roughage, high fiber diet to keep the stool soft. Frequent hot sitz bath to relieve pain and prevents swelling.
Surgeon advised Hemorrhoidectomy if symptoms are severe.
Hemorrhoidectomy is a removal of hemorrhoid
Indication for Hemorrhoidectomy:
> indicated when patient have prolonged bleeding
>unbearable pain and itchiness
>when a patient complained of unrelieved discomforts.
Pre- operative nursing care:
>be sure the patient or immediate relative signed the consent for operation
>shave the perineum
>lower bowel should be evacuated thoroughly, totally clean to prevent defecation during the operation
>prepare patient physically, must had full bath
>bring to Operating Room with proper identification .
>carry out pre -op medication as ordered by the surgeon

Gas gangrene is a severe soft tissue infection with muscle necrosis that may complicate compound fractures or contused or lacerated wounds or surgical incision. There are different species of Clostridia may produces gas gangrene.

Sign and Symptoms:
>severe pain at the site of injury
>tenderness and discoloration of the surrounding skin
>affected muscles are reddish purple and black
>watery fluid with foul odor from the affected site
>apprehension and increase cardiac rate of the patient

Nursing Care:
> extreme care to prevent further spread of the infection to other wounds
>strict compliance of aseptic technique
>use only single dressing for the patient alone
>isolate the patient
>encourage fluid intake and nutritiuos foods
>high caloric diet

Tetanus is a disease caused by Bacillus Tetani ( Clostridium Tetani ). This bacteria is anaerobe meaning can not survive in the presence of oxygen. They usually found in a deep wound with small external opening injured by a contaminated with soil, dust and feces of animals or human.

Signs ans Symptoms:
>restlessness, headache
>hyper irritability due to hypersensitive of motor and sensory nerves
>Lockjaw ( trismus )due to spasm of the muscles as first affected muscles in the jaws resulting patient can not open his mouth
>generalized convulsion- a stimuli to a loud voice or loud banging of doors. The patient manifest head retraction, fully extended feet , arched of the trunk (opisthutonus). Sardonic grin due to spasm of the facial muscles.

Death may cause by :
> spasm of respiratory muscles
> lack of nourishment
>excessive fatigue due to muscles spasm

>Routine immunization with tetanus toxoid in all children or in an industrial or in an environment with a history of increase incidence of the disease.
>Effective wound care

Now adays, so many people disagree and uncomfortable of their oversize waistline because of the extra fat of the abdomen. Those people are mostly conscious of their body but hard for them to accept because they are born or it is their genes to have that extra weight and fats despite of dieting and fitness. One of my friend's daughter is so fat with a waistline measurement of 34 inches . She's just only twenty four years old and must be enjoying currently the latest body fit outfits but no way... she really can't. There are times that she feels embarrassed when attending parties, in school or when in gatherings. When she shop at plus size department , she feels sad shopping with those old folks section. She tried many weight lost programs. Goes to gyms everyday and eat very little but what happen to her ? She feels weak and starv everyday. One thing more , those who loss weight through starvation will cause sagging of their abdomen and still does not give a nice body countour or else it looks more worst and your health will also affected.
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Cervical Spine Injuries are injuries of the cervical spine and this is very serious because in time of trauma this may cause severe neurologic problem and presence of edema and swelling which may cause loss of spinal cord function. These are the person who had met an accident with head , back and neck injury and keep them immobilized in an hard board stretcher until emergency team gave an emergency management.

signs and symptoms:
patients complained of too much back and neck pain
loss of bladder control
loss of senses

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When i went abroad, i was single that time and most of my batch mate were married women. These married woman has legal husband with children left in our country.They are older than me so i prefer to be close to them and consider them as my older sister or my mother because i was the youngest among the newly hired in this country. I need someone who is matured like my mother to tell me the right advices if in case i lost from my right path. Unfortunately, my expectations was totally different because after a month they have already boyfriends and dating someone. As a neophyte, I was wondering how come they become a cheating house wives. Their husbands trusted their wives not to cheat them. But these women openly real cheating wives without the knowledge of their husband. Their husband is away so they become lonely cheating wives . They were aggressive and romantic not like those singles like me. That's the reason why men more close to them and date them all the way.

Should I think that drinking Coffee improves mental alertness? You know? i used to become drowsy if i spends several hours of blogging. The continues sitting down infront of the computer, made me sleepy and my brain refuses to work but if i drink coffee i became more mentally alert , fully active to continue blogging again and inspired to work better . But the side effect is that if i wanted to sleep it is hard for me to get a good sleep already . So that is the side effect.

It is a hot summer now. Health professionals advising everyone to avoid too much exposure to heat and under the sun to avoid heatstroke. Specially those who are hypertensive.
Advised everyone to increase fluid intake. Avoid the sun at the peak of burning rays are the strongest that develops heatstroke. Stay in cool place if you feels headache and dizzeness . Cool bath is suggested. Everyone must have to familiarized the signs and symptoms of heatstroke like : red, hot and dry skin, dizziness, nausea ( feels like vomiting), headache, signs of dehydration. Bring the patient to the nearest hospital if symptoms persist.

Yes friends if you are not yet decided what career you want to be , I can highly recommend Career Education . net this website can helps you choosing the best course to study. You have to be careful and wise in choosing the best education you take suits to you. Choose the the best education that in demand job like Medical Assisting. What ever happen to our economy, medical assisting job related will always be in the top list of in demand. There are more hospitals, clinics and diagnostic clinics are in need of medical assistant to assist physicians. Medical assistant are the one incharge in filing the record of patient and scheduling patients for their medical and diagnostic procedures. The Medical education is also now revising the curriculum that someday will also increase the duties and responsibilities like assisting the doctors directly in medical patient care and treatment. Taking blood pressure and vital signs and and other patients care.
Yes I personally agree that The U.S. Department of Labor says that ultrasound school graduates are part of the top 16 most sought after professionals in the nation today. That is the main reason why ultrasound tech school now is booming all over the country. But must have to choose the right ultrasound tech school that can provide you the best education of ultrasound. The school should be fully facilitated with new gadgets and machines for the actual practice of the students.The school professors must be well experienced ultrasound professionals that had gone through great ultrasound and sonography experiences so that students can acquire the best knowledge and ultrasound tech training to achieve competent ultrasound technician to be. Know why? 90 percent of the patient now adays underwent ultrasound as advised by the attending physician for diagnostic purpose. Usually doctors finalized their diagnosis from the result of the ultrasound. That is how ultrasound important in patient's diagnosis. Due to high technology , this one very important machine for visualizing the condition of the internal organs. So this is one medical equipment that always needed in the hospitals which always be operates by an ultrasound technician only.
Medical diagnostic clinics are also now booming runs privately and usually situated near the big hospitals, malls and near the private doctor's clinic and other establishments. The more hospitals , clinics and diagnostic clinics in the world so no doubts that the whole world need more competent ultrasound technicians .

So many blind cases now adays. There are blind who are in born and some are due to injury or accidents and due to some diseases .
For those who marked visual impairment needs a healthy adjustment and and at least they must be entrusted to the skilled in rehabilitation to ensure a perfect adjustment or acceptance of her/his condition. They need encouragement instead of treating them as unlucky persons. Help them to overcome the feeling of awkwardness and let them that they can do their activities alone. He must slowly allow her to survey the room , house by walking around and touching the furnitures and never leave the door open.
When walking outside, someone has to guide and the use of a cane. to prevent him bumping the walls or walk on a open high places that cause him to fall.
Assist the blind for good personal appearance .

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There are instances that a Glaucoma patient should be avoided to prevent the increase of intraocular pressure.

  • Excessive fluid intake
  • avoid lifting heavy objects
  • It is like a high blood pressure patient that should have to avoid worries, fear, excitement and angers. Should be relax and at peaceful mind.
  • Excessive reading is avoided should be moderate only
  • maintain good bowel movement because constipation may increase pressure

Chronic Glaucoma- the common form of glaucoma

Sign and Symptoms:

  • mild discomfort
  • tired feeling in the eye
  • impairment of vision

Post Operative Care:
  • irrigation of both eyes often or as prescribed by the physician
  • weak solution of pilocarpine are instilled in the unaffected eye if doctor adviced
  • keep the patient flat for 24 hours to prevent prolapse of the iris to the incision
  • liqued diet
  • advised follow up check up when discharged on the fifth day of operation

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Acute (narrow-angle) Glaucoma- the intraoccular pressure rapidly increase with severe pain occurs in and around the eyes

Signs and Symptoms:

  • vision is cloudy and blurred
  • severe pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • pupil dilated
Nursing Care:
  • this is an emergency so the patient must be seen and treated by the eye specialist physician as soon as possible to avoid blindness
  • carry out medication and other doctor's order accurately
  • keep patient on bed rest

Glaucoma- is an increase intraocular pressure. Occurs usually in a n individuals at age of 40 and above.



  • are simple chronic glaucoma and congestive glaucoma.
  • chronic simple is inherited
  • unknown cause but associated with those individuals who are emotionally disturbed or allergy
  • type of glaucoma occurs in a condition of trauma, aphakia, iritis, tumor, hemorrhage and etc.
Intraoccular Pressure increased during:
bending to pick up an object
sneezing or turning the head suddenly
rubbing eyes
closing eyes tightly when there is an abrupt flying dirt or dust
brushing hair
emotionally upset

Cataract- is an opacity or cloudness of the crystalline lens of the eyes

Signs and Symptoms:

  • pain
  • objects are distorted and blurred
  • gradual loss of vision
  • pupils usually milky white color

Pre-operative Care:
  • explain the procedure to the patient or immediate family
  • psychological reassurance
  • take consent for surgery from patient or immediate family
  • pre-medications to be carried out as ordered by the physician
Post-operative Care:
  • eyes is kept bandage for 5-10 days
  • eyeshield to be worn over the bandage to prevent injury
  • rest in bed for sometime

Detached Retina- separation of thr retina from the choroid

Sign and symptoms:

  • flashes of light
  • blurred vision
  • sensation of particles moving in his line of vision
  • blank vision then finally resulting in loss of vision
  • fear of blindness
Nursing Care:
  • psychological reaasurance to prevent anxiety due to fear of blindness
  • keep patient in bed rest
  • apply bandage in hope that retina will be back into normal position as much as possible before surgery

Keratitis- inflammation of the cornea and if infection progresess it caused ulceration of the cornea and may spreads deeper to the iris resulting pus yellowish discharges collect behind the cornea

Conjunctivitis -

  • inflammation of the conjunctiva due to bacterial infection, allergy, trauma and viral.
  • rickettsial or chemical injury
  • redness
  • pain
  • swelling
  • lacrimation
Nursing care:
  • frequent irrigation to remove the discharge
  • warm compresses
  • wash hands before and after cleaning or treating
  • use clean washcloths and face towels should always only by his own use


  • it is a cyst of the meibomian glands.
  • just it occurs as a small lump, hard and painless in the lid
  • incission usually done because most of the cyst were became infected.
Nursing Care:
  • hot compress of the affected site
  • incision and drainage and express the cyst by the physician


  • chronic highly communicable disease of the eyelids. It is caused by virus
  • Follicles appear on the conjunctiva after acute inflammatory process and eyelids turns in if scar formation in the eyelids which causes the lashes to scratched the cornea. Constant scratching causes irritation and infection. which leads to ulceration and blindness.
Nursing care:
  • encourage patient and family tp prevent the spread of the disease. dire
  • isolate patient because this disease spreads through direct contact
  • pesonal hygiene
  • carried out antibiotic treatment as prescribed by the physician

Acute Cervical Adenitis- infection of the lymphatic glands of the neck secondary to an infection of the mouth pharynx or the scalp.


  • from infected tonsils
  • pediculosis- cause of infection of the posterior group of glands
  • infection due to tooth problem

Signs and Symptoms:
  • swelling of one side of the neck, tender and edematous
  • abscess formation
  • spontaneous rupture if swelling not incised
  • children are the once usually affected so regular inspection and proper care and appropriate prophylactic treatment for teeth and tonsil to avoid infection
  • parasiticides is applied in case of pediculosis
  • proper hair care to avoid lice infestation

Vincent's Angina - is usually called "trench mouth" and a pseudomembranous ulceration affecting the edges of the gums, the mucosa of the mouth, the tonsils and pharynx caused by spirochets and a fusiform bacillus

Signs and symptoms

  • painful bleeding gums
  • painful upon talking and swallowing
  • fever
  • lymph nodes in the neck
Nursing Care
  • mouthwash hourly or irrigation
  • soft diet or liquid diet to reduce trauma of the gums and avoid acidic odor
  • sterilizing utensils

Blephritis- infection of the eyelids with redness, irritation and mucopurulent disharges

Nursing Care:

  • maintain cleanliness
  • prevent excessive dryness
  • keep the scalp clean and daily cleaning of the eyelid by rubbing gently with clean face towel
  • anti-infection ointment as prescribed by the physician

Sty (external hordeolum)- infection of the eyelash follicle at the edge of the eyelid

Signs and Symptoms:

Nursing Care:
hot compress at early stage
removal of the lash followed by drainage of the pus

Depormities is one complication of an illness or injury. One of way to prevent is proper POSITIONING- a patient must have to encourage frequent changing of position, proper positioning in bed, exercise and ambulation

Purpose of positioning are:

  • prevent contraction
  • promote coughing exercises to stimulates to cough out respiratory secretions and lung expansion
  • to relieve pressure to a body area
  • stimulates circulation and help prevent thrombophlebitis, bed sores and edema of the extremities

Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type of Disease is the irreversible type of dementia characterized by progressive impairments of memory, judgment, language, cognition and self care . Or in other words it is a loss of memory of an aged individual and the cause is still unknown. It is the disease of among aged affecting approximately 20% of the population at age 80 years old. Once a grandparent manifest symptoms of dementia they submit for institutionalization because they don't have the knowledge and understanding dementia If no one of the family member is not specialized on dementia nursing care is really impossible that your grandparent will be given a proper care unless you hired a specialized caregiver to look after her/him 24 hours a day. Well it is not really easy to take care of dementia patient. This needs a full understanding and knowledge about dementia disease including all the possible dementia symptoms. This is focus on care rather than cure. They are potential for injury during the time of impulsive behavior and confusion. They get easily irritated to something and refuses self care despite of assisting them. There are times that there are dementia patient who are not institutionalized and just at home but they are abandoned and restrained. Maybe due to their children are irresponsible or lack of knowledge about the right of the aged individual that they must have to care them and they must have to submit for dementia treatment.

I am really glad about this web site They offers education about dementia disease and the signs and symptoms and treatment and care. Yes this is really important to every individual to learn everything about dementia. We need to care for our aged parents as how they care for us when we were young.

A patient with congestive heart failure must have to learn to lessen his activity to prevent reoccurence of the disease and prevent the progression of the disease.

  • He must have an adequate rest by shortening his working hours in a day.Must have to take a regular rest day and avoid emotional stress.
  • Avoid excessive eating and drinking. There are weight reduction exercise program that fits for heart failure patients.And There are also exercise program prescribed by the physician to improve circulation and muscle tone.
  • Must have a high resistance against respiratory infection. Cough aggravates stress
  • keep regular appointment with the physician for check up
  • Must have to be always aware of symptoms of congestive heart failure which indicates reoccurence like weight gain, loss of appetite persistent cough, shortness of breath, swelling of ankles, feet and abdomen.

Here in the Philippines is now the highest user of cellphone. Just imagine how Filipino people patronizes cellphones. From small kids age 6-7 years old has already his own cellphone and can operate by himself. Know why? A very close family relationships is the trait of every Filipino that will never fade. Always make sure there is a contineous contact or communication with each other. When cellphones invented and launched a decade ago Philippines is one of the highest consumers throughout the world for business and personal transaction. But most users had it only for personal purposes and made it sure that they have the latest model. I tell you ! there are also poor Filipino people who are living in the squatters area but they have their own loaded cellphone. For them, to have a cellphones looks like already had great breakfast.
One time i was shopping in SM Mega Mall .I was in kids department store ,there two kids at five to seven years old who are also shoppings. One of the kid's cellphone rang and the five years old boy answered his Cellphone "We are here Mommy at toys kingdom safely. Just shop there and fetch us here at Toys Kingdom when you are finished shopping. Just take your time." I am touched and amazed the importance of cellpnone when kids in the malls. At their early age they learned the proper use of cellphones and it is a big help to parents because she can monitor the whereabouts of their kids when they go outside the house. That is how fanatic cellphone user my countrymen that is why i am planning to put up cellphone store although I know there is a very tight competitions and they are already established . I have browsed a site that helps me to use the right marketing strategy to make a business boomed without delay.
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My Gushhhh! The other day early morning when i opened my profile. Half of the contents of my three blogs was saved draft . Unluckily when i republished it was all deleted. More than one hundred posts automatically deleted and the page rank turns to Zero. I think somebody hacked my accounts. I am really much worried because one of my blog has someone made a post and advising to delete this blog and somebody can use it. It is not a joke. If anyone of you can give an advise what i must do . Please tell me....

Human Immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS- Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

  • is when infected partner have sexual contact unprotected,
  • when HIV positive blood transfused to other person
  • the use of HIV infected needles especially among drug addicts.
  • A pregnant woman may also transmit the virus to the new offpring, but not in all cases
  • when using an infected needles for injectable medication
  • accidental needle prick injuries

Virus outside a human body is easy to kill like when an infected blood spill to the floor, can be killed by cleaning with water and few drops of clorox. Shake hands, hugging a person with HIV, drinking glasses are not possible way that virus can be transmitted. Mosquito bites cannot transmit HiV.

Sexual Contact is mostly the mode of transmission for HIV positive here in the Philippines. More than half of HIV cases are due to heteresexual contact, followed by homosexual contact and bisexual contact.
Other modes of transmission were prenatal transmission, blood transfusion, drug use through injection and needle prick injuries. Almost half of the HIV positive were OFW and more on males .
Source: Phil Daily Inquirer

After i gave birth of my first born child, I bought a new house. It is just only a simple house but cute with two bed rooms, one toilet bath, small kitchen, living room and garage. But we don't have a car yet until now. I became a zero balance and i am already resigned from work . I have a house but i don't have any other resources. I need to make money as soon as possible. I planned to put up a store in my garage. I wished to convert this idle garage to a small grocery store rather than to rent a space in commercial area. Why not make business in my house and at the same time i could take care of my child and save for rental as well. I went to lending company for a business credit. This is the the only way to push through my plans although i am penniless, i am determined to start at least a small business, i have no collateral but it was all granted with very low interest rates. Just like a magic my garage turned to a small grocery store. After several months my store became bigger and bigger while paying also my monthly payment for my loan. It is really like a magic. I am sure it is all the same like unsecured personal loans. If you want to visit or travel a place unexpectedly because you are stressed by somethings... at the moment you apply for personal loans, tsuk! within several minutes you can go already where you want to go.

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Headache is symptom and arise from different sources through different process. It may cause inside or outside the skull. In One main symptom of Brain Tumor is headache occurs at the site of the affected area or in the site of the tumor. It may be localized but deeply in the frontal area or occipital region or depends on the location of the tumor. There is no such known cause yet of headache . This headache is intermittent but only last for several minutes or hour. Pain may be increased or changed during coughing or straining maybe due to the irritation or pressure of the affected site that triggers the pain nerve endings.

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KERATITIS is the inflammation of the cornea and if loss of substance it will result to CORNEAL ULCER. The inflammation usually spread to the iris resulting pus formation and yellowish discharge and ulceration might result to a serious complication . Cornea has an important role to vision. If there is ulceration resulting scarring and perforation will cause blindness.

pain at the affected site
photophobia (fear of light)
increased lacrimation
pus and yellowish discharges - if ulceration progresses resulting inflammation of the iris(iritis)

"Prevention is better than Cure"is the best management .
Foreign bodies should be removed quickly and be sure avoid further trauma.
Seek medical treatment for corneal abrasions
Apply warm compress if advised by the physician to relieved pain and comfort.
Carry out all medications at right dose , right time and frequency as ordered by the physician

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Optician- is not a physician , specialized in grinding , mounting and despense lenses

Oculist, ophthalmologist or the ophthalmic physician are the medical doctor who have the skills in the treatment of all condition and diseases of the eyes. They make more thorough examination of the eye for refractive errors and other changes

Optometrist who is not a physician but licensed to examine for refractive errors in the eye and provide appropriate corrective lenses

Ocularist- a technician who makes artificial eyes or prostheses used in ophthalmology

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  • is the yellowish discoloration of the skin and sclerae
HEMOLYTIC JAUNDICE- an abnormally high concentration of bilirubin in the blood,

HEPATOCELLULAR JAUNDICE- due to cell damage or functional impairment

  • mildly to severely ill patient
  • lack of appetite
  • nausea
  • body weakness
  • loss of weight
  • chill, fever and headache if cause by infection
  • SGPT SGOT - rise moderately
  • Bilirubin and BSP are increase
  • cholesterol is elevated
CHOLESTATIC JAUNDICE- post hepatic or obstructive jaundice
  • jaundice of the sclerae and skin
  • deep orange colored urine
  • white or clay colored stool
  • itchy skin
  • dyspepsia
my nursing notes

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  • result to the obstruction to the flow of the portal venous blood through the liver resulting the increase of blood pressure.
  • accounts for the premature of esophageal, gastric and hemorrhoidal varicosities which are prone to rupture resulting hemorrhage in upper gastrointestinal tract and rectum
  • accounts for ascitis -accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity

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  • occur at any age but most frquently in children and young adult
  • onset is sudden manifested by tonsilitis , furunculosis or the appearance of abscess in the mouth or skin
  • high fever after few weeks
  • hemorrhagic feature appear as bleeding from the gums, the nose, the stomach and rectum
  • hemorrhages (bleeding) into the skin and into the fundus of the eyes
  • swelling and gangrenous ulceration of the gums, the checks, the jaw and the tonsils
  • bone pain
  • enlargement of lymph nodes, liver or spleen

1.Prevent Infection-
  • have knowledge to common types of infection associated with leukemia such as pneumonia, pharyngitis, esophagitis, peri anal cellulitis, urinary tract infection, sinusitis
  • monitor temperature and aware of febrile symptoms like chills, warm to touch, redness , flushed appearance
  • avoid mucosal or epithelial damage by avoiding venipuncture, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection unless absolutely necessary
  • maintain normal bowel function and avoiding diarrhea or constipation that possibly irritate the mucosa
  • avoid foods increase bacterial colonization of gastrointestinal tract like fresh fruits and vegetables, rare meat buttermilk
  • keep perianal area always clean
  • prevent cross contamination by proper handwashing before and after patient contact
  • avoid close contact with visitors or relatives unnecessarily
  • employ meticulous personal hygiene measures by bath daily and oral care
2Preventing and managing bleeding episodes
  • monitor platelet daily
  • observe and be alert on minor bleeding-petechiae, ecchymoses, conjunctival hemorrhage, epistaxis, bleeding gums, heme-emesis and stools, heme positive urine, bleeding at puncture sites, vaginal spotting
  • observe and be alert on serious bleeding- headache, change in responsiveness, blurred vision, hemoptysis, hematemesis, melena, hypotension with tachycardia and dizzeness
  • teach patient to remain during active bleeding episodes
  • control bleeding-keep injection to a minimum
3Monitoring for toxic manifestations of chemotheraphy
  • take vital signs and record and inform the doctor for any abnormal result
  • make blood examination results
  • weight of the patient
  • watch for local irritation in the veins
  • watch for any nausea and vomitting
  • mouth ulcers
  • expect the patient to experience hair loss during anti leukemic treatment
  • assess for constipation and abdominal pain
  • check deep tendon reflexes
  • check for other drug side effects
  • encourage patient to endure discomfort associated with the treatment
  • promote oral comfort and healing
4. Control pain and discomfort
5. Promotes of coping mechanisms to deal with physiologic and emotional distress
6. Encourage participation in support group to help to diffuse anger and defendency

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  • one of the most serious complication of liver disease
  • manifestation of liver failure due to failure of liver cells to detoxify ammonia
Early Signs and Symptoms:
  • slightly confused
  • far away look in his eyes
  • drowsy during the day
  • wander at night
  • disoriented with time and date
  • if progresses - lapses with frank coma
  • gastrointestinal bleeding
  • enteric infection
  • fluid and electrolyte imbalance
  • hyponatremia - sodium deficit
  • hypokalemia- potassium deficit

  • close observation of neurologic status and record
  • accurate record of fluid intake and output
  • monitor and record vital signs and blood pressure
  • symptoms of pulmonary infection to be reported
Treatment as per doctor's order:
  • protein intake reduced or eliminated
  • antibiotic
  • sedatives
  • analgesics

Reference: medal nursing book and my nursing notes

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Amebic Dysentery is a disease caused by a protozoa Entaemoba Histolytica. It is acquired by ingestion of E. Histolytica in food or water contaminated with human feces. A patient complained of colicky abdominal pain and passage of frequent bloody stools. The patient become feverish and s if not treated at once the patient losses weight . If the infection is acute, there is a tendency that metastasize to the other organ like liver through the way of the portal vein causing liver abscesses. Due to the ulceration of the muscle wall of the bowel caused by the ameba , tendency to get infected called peritonities.
Patient is confined in the hospital for treatment of anti amebiasis and intravenous fluid to replaced fluid loss during the diarrhea. The patient keep bed rest to gain resistance.


  • disease is acquired through ingestion of food or liquid infected with virus. It is transmitted by direct or indirect contact
  • an infected person working in a restaurant can spread the disease
  • those people who drink sewage- contaminated water or eat shellfish from sewage polluted shoreland
  • incubation period 2 - 7 weeks

  • symptoms of mild upper respiratory infention
  • fever
  • jaundice
  • anorexia
  • nausea
  • heartburn
  • flatulence
  • liver and spleen are moderately enlarged

Nursing Care and Medical Management
  • Bed rest
  • diet should be nutritious -optimal foods and fluid levels to counter act weight loss
  • anorexia- small but frequent feeding and be supplemented as ordered by the physician


  • this disease occasionally follows after the therapeutic or prophylactic injection of human serum, such as convalescent serum, vaccines or whole blood or plasma
  • it may acquired from medical or dental instrument or other skin-puncturing such as tatooing or ear piercing needles
  • drug addicts acquire the disease from needles that have used by infected individual and not been properly sterilized

  • lose of appetite then turn yellow
  • jaundice
  • dyspepsia
  • abdominal pain
  • body malaise
  • generalized aching
  • weakness
  • enlarged liver
  • splenomegaly

  • bed rest
  • adequate nutrition
  • supplemental nutrient like vitamin B complex

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HEMOPTYSIS - is coughing of blood arising from pulmonary hemorrhage

Hemoptysis occurs the following condition:

  • bronchogenic carcinoma
  • lung abscess
  • pulmonary infarction
  • bronchiectasis
  • tuberculosis
  • pneumonia
  • mitral stenosis due to rupture of blood vessel in the congested part of the pulmonary system
Nursing Cares:
  • complete bed rest
  • Oxygen Inhalation therapy and sedation always available in case as needed anytime.
  • Cross matched blood always available for transfusion
  • always ready an equipment for emergency laryngoscopy and bronchoschopy for removal of blood clots
  • emotional support to patient helps her to keep calm from frightening situation


  • liver poison due to ingestion or injected parenterally of chemicals like chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, phosphorous and gold compounds
  • jaundice become extremely intense
  • fever
  • persistent vomiting
  • vomitus containing blood
  • hemorrhage under the skin
  • delirium
  • coma
  • convulsion
  • patient may die

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Sometimes it is hard to prevent respiratory condition because there are different pre disposing Factors like like allergies, septum and turbinate pathology, emotional problems and various systemic illnesses . Hygienenic measures can lessen can reduce the incident of respiratory infection.

  • Increase our body's resistance if we practice to eat nutritious diet , appropriate exercise , adequate sleep and rest.
  • As usual, avoid excessive alcohol and smoking
  • Enough dryness in the house by proper ventilation especially during rainy or cold season
  • Avoid air contaminants like pollution , dust, chemicals
  • Obtain vaccination as prescribed by the physician

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Annular- ring shaped
Circinate- circular
Confluent-lesions runs together or join together
Discoid-- disc shape
Discrete- lesions remain separate
generalized - wide spread eruption
grouped clustering of lesions
guttate- droplike
Herpertiform- grouped vesicles
Iris- ring or a series of concentric rings
Keratosis- hornythickening
Linear- in lines
Multiform- more than one kind of skin lesions

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BLEEDING ESOPHAGEAL VARICES - dilated tortuous veins usually found in the submucosa of the lower esophagus , it may extend up to the esophagus and down into the stomach


  • due to portal hypertension, which may result from obstruction of the portal venous circulation and cirrhosis of the liver
  • due to abnormalities of the circulation of splenic vein or superior vena cava

  • melena-passage of black tarry stools
  • hematemesis- vomiting of blood
  • rectal bleeding

MANAGEMENT: control hemorrhage -
2.surgical procedures-

There are many diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact Almost all of them are troublesome and most of them are not yet treatable especially disease causing virus.

Genital warts are common skin benign tumor caused by virus. A small slowly growing virus belonging to the papillomavirus group as single multiple soft, fleshy papillary or painless growth around the anus, vaginal area (for female), penis (for male), urethra or perineum. It is called as "venereal wart" because it is a sexually transmitted disease which around 20 million people in the US are now carrier of papillomavirus. This is transmitted through sexual contact with the infected partner. It may be diagnosed based on the clinical presentation and Colposcopy used to diagnosed certain lesions in the cervical area. Lesions may enlarged and produces tissue distraction on the patient . Symptoms of genetal warts starts with tiny flesh- colored and cauliflower -shaped lesions in the genetals. Discomforts arises from genetal area due to dampness of vaginal fluid excretion. Lesions in the cervix are painful and bleeds if distracted during intercourse. Most of the time infected individual complained of tingling ang burning sensation over the lesion and on the papules over the shaft of the penis.

Genetal warts and pregnancy, the warts enlarged during pregnancy and extremely vascular and may obstruct the birth canal for delivery. And this is one of the problem of infected mother who are pregnant because the possibility to pass the infection like laryngeal papillomatosis when passing the baby in the infected birth canal. This is life threatining condition .well you so many more information if you search this site concentrates all about genetal wart review. This is really important to all of us to be educated and aware always on sexully transmitted diseases.

Many individuals develop constipation because they delay each bowel movement as long as possible because of their neurotic habit of delaying to defecate. They did not mind the possible complication. Constipation is the decrease in the frequency in defecation and also an abnormal dryness of stools and hard to evacuate . A person who has not bowel movement for 3 or more days suffers discomfort not like those bowel movement everyday with moist stool and no difficulty.. Other factors is due to lack of exercise, faulty diet (usually oily and no fiber content) , weakness and fatigue. . Constipation may cause irritability of the colon and lower abdominal pain.

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LIVER ABSCESSES - due to several kinds of bacteria and or fungus and the common agents is like protozoa .


  • high fever
  • chills alternating with sweats
  • jaundice
  • painful enlargement of the liver
  • anemia
  • toxemia

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In Public Health Nursing is concerned about increasing incidence of viral hepatitis. Mortality rate is now increasing and must prevent the spread of the disease. The nurse must not only concerned to care those afflicted but have to focus for the prevention of the spread of the disease for the whole community by:

  • proper public and home sanitation
  • personal hygiene at all times
  • hygienic practices of preparing food and dispensing to consumers
  • effective health supervision in schools, dormitories, barracks and camps
  • repeated health educational programs
  • Immunizations

The New Hope Medical Center is an institution for 50 years specializing in diagnosing caring and treating cancer patients. As the New Hope alternative cancer center provides the cancer treatment in all aspect physically as well as emotionally. They always ensures to provide every needs of the patient.
Lung Cancer is one of the most dreadful disease nowadays. It is defined as tumors arising within the walls or epithelial lining of the bronchus. This is due to some factors like exposure to asbestos, arsenic, chromium, nickle, iron, radioactive substances, coal tar products, petroleum oil mist and due to excessive smoking. A patient start with a symptoms of non productive cough as usually ignored by a patient until symptoms progressed and become cancer of the lungs. All patient diagnosed by The New Hope Medical Center and provide
alternative Lung Cancer Treatment that able to improved the symptoms manifested by the patient.
Alternative Cancer treatment is an alternative treatment of medical treatment and procedures. The team of New hope Medical Center is to help patients with chronic digenerative diseases and immune disorders by creating individual complimentary medicinal regimens of each patients need.

Number of obese individuals is increasing worlwide, men and women including kids .Obviously is one of the health problem of the obese person. Obesity is a condition in which excess fats accumulated in the body resulting an excess body weight and surely this is not normal. Obesity is one factor of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2 ,obstructive sleep apnea. Obese person affects their social function that sometimes they were rejected like in dancing , games or sport group. Sometime rejected automatically in job hunting. Rejection is also the cause of depression if an obese person if has a weak personality and develops inferiority complex . This might ruins your life physically and psychologically. Why let yourself this happen? Obesity it treatable. The easiest and healthiest way of losing weight is just by dieting. You eat the right foods that burns fat and losses weight.
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Carbuncle is a a large boil or group of boil together under the skin characterized by inflammation , fever and pain at the affected area

Proper Care of an individual with Boils:
1.Wash hands before and after caring of boils. If possible wash with antiseptic solution after washing

2.Careful handling of the lesion to prevent dispersion of bacteria

3 Cover the draining lesion with sterile dressing

4.Proper disposal of soiled dressing. Put in small bag and burn immediately

5.If boil does not healed after your self care, consult a doctor for treatment. Avoid taking antibiotic without doctors order.

You can attain a healthy life successfully if you have a healthy body and mind. Make your body healthy first to have a good mind. Do some exercise everyday. Exercise enhances or maintains physical fitness, emotional and social health. Physically your muscular and skeletal system will maintained well to be slim to look sexy and have a normal weight that excess fats excreted. Make it a regular exercise to prevent muscle stiffness, osteoporosis , high blood pressure, overweight and heart diseases . If you have a well or healthy body it makes yourself feeling lovable and feels very confident, strong and free from worries, depression, anxieties or any psychosomatic disorders..

So make it a habit to do exercise everyday to have a healthy lifestyle. I know many of you is busy or no time to go out from your house to do exercise in the park or fitness gym. That is not a problem because new technology of fitness devices to be use at home regularly are available to maintain your state of good health and condition. Visit www. or search for further information. They have different fitness products to choose from also and they are the number one retailer of home treadmills with elliptical trainers available online. Trainers are physical fitness professionals who trains and educates about the proper way of exercise need or fits to individual's body to attain your personal fitness goal successfully after the trainer had accessed you. Fitness products are available, offers with quality, affordability with best warranty . This the most popular on the market because equipped with durability for any members fo the family. Available in very low price and free shipment.

Low fat diet is prescribed to persons with liver disorder, gallbladder problem and heart diseases. And this is prepared from more on vegetables and fruit intakes except avocado because this fruit is rich in fats. Refrain from eating refined or unprocessed foods. If possible prepare foods by broiling, boil or baking. Frying and sauteing needs oil so if possible avoid this kind of preparation. Avoid fatty meat, animal fats, animal skin and fat's pork. Avoid excessive coffee,tea, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks for liver and gallbladder problem. Always drink 8 glasses per day.

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Acne complex is very effective, 90 % acne on your face disappears after four weeks of using and totally clears on the eighth weeks. So many experienced and testified and guaranteed 100%. This murad acne complex formulated by world renowed dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. He is seen in tv and featured because of his very popular anti acne products Try now ! murad acne products clears your face from acne and breakouts and relieved your worries and feeling of embarrassment when facing other people. For ordering online and further information search on

Cancer of the bladder - is commonly in males. It is still unknown cause.

Predisposing Factors
may be cigarette smoking
exposed to chemical industries like dye industries
may be excessive drinking of coffee
consumption of excessive amount of analgesics

Signs and Symptoms
painless hematuria (blood in the urine)
Difficulty of urination( dysuria)
frequency of urination
urgency urination
fever, chills
pain when progression of tumor that causes bladder obstruction and bladder infection
pelvic and back pain if metastasize
leg edema due to invasion of the pelvic lymph nodes

Nursing Care:

Alleviate fears - give time to face fears
Emphasize the positive aspects of treatment

rom fortune magazines enumerated all the billioners all over the world. Yes they are the kings and a families who have successful businesses scattered all over the world. Like SAM MOORE WALTON, 73 and family Bentonville ARKANSAS $21.1 39.3% of Wal-Mart. Last year, with sales of $32.6 billion, Wal-Mart outsold not just the mom and pop stores it's been putting out of
business in small towns across America, but also retailing giant Sears, at least domestically. This performance really lifted the stock, making the Waltons America's richest family. Due to successful investment of Nouveau Riche is featured and will be feature too in the Fortune Magazine and CNN like this rich people who become rich from investing business.

It is nice to know about t the Nouveau Riche' community Website for Independent Student Advisors. Unbelievable , they just only making fun but they are earning much out of it. No university like this who helps students start business at their early age especially when their parents can not afford them to go to college. You can say to them that they are students and business men at the same time. So lucky they are!

According to wikipedia Rags to riches refers to a situation in which a person rises from poverty to wealth or sometimes from obscurity to fame. These stories give the poor hope that they can rise to fame and wealth. They are most popular in societies such as the United States where confidence in the ability to move between social classes is an important part of the national identity. Well i believe that this poor students of Nouveau Riche will soon rise to fame and wealth!

Two thousand and nine is the year of the Ox according to Chinese Astrology. They said that ox is a hard working animal so those who born under the year of an ox is lucky this year because they are a hard working person and can acquires huge money for this year. But
Nouveau Riche University blog is a website i have found which i think do not consider whatever astrology it is . Everyday, every year they keep on working and striving for their goals and so many of their investors successfully achieved in their business especially realty. Just like last month December 29th is already a holiday but there was an Chairman's Call with CEO to conduct a meeting and inspirational call to all investors and Nouveau Riche University students and employess to share great news to help them move full-speed ahead.

Good News! Nouveau Riche University created for members of the nationwide Nouveau Riche community to share your pictures, testimonials and stories of your experience with Nouveau Riche, and network with other like-minded community members...
Do you know Laura Palmer Noone? well she was the president, of the University of Phoenix, is now chief executive officer at Nouveau Riche University a Scottsdale school with a small-business and entrepreneurial focus that admitted its first student last month.She is a well known former university of Phonex and she is involved in so many charitable institution.

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