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Hem0rrhoid is a varicose veins in the lower rectum or anal canal. Asymptomatic hemorrhoids does not require any treatment but when a patient manifest signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids, he/she must see a doctor. A patient advised to adhere to a lower roughage, high fiber diet to keep the stool soft. Frequent hot sitz bath to relieve pain and prevents swelling.
Surgeon advised Hemorrhoidectomy if symptoms are severe.
Hemorrhoidectomy is a removal of hemorrhoid
Indication for Hemorrhoidectomy:
> indicated when patient have prolonged bleeding
>unbearable pain and itchiness
>when a patient complained of unrelieved discomforts.
Pre- operative nursing care:
>be sure the patient or immediate relative signed the consent for operation
>shave the perineum
>lower bowel should be evacuated thoroughly, totally clean to prevent defecation during the operation
>prepare patient physically, must had full bath
>bring to Operating Room with proper identification .
>carry out pre -op medication as ordered by the surgeon


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