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Lipidemia is the presence of excess lipids in the blood. It is also called hypercholesterol. Once an individual has an excess lipids in the blood, h/ she is a candidate of cardiovascular disease , stroke, high blood pressure if not controlled or treated. Cardiovascular disease or heart attack is one of the number one killer disease not only in United State but almost all over the world. Yes. it is really hard to have high lipids in the blood. It really affects your life style. If you want to lengthen your life, you need to avoid fatty and salty foods, smoking and drinking too much alcohol and avoid stress and you take L-arginine Plus because it helps to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and sex drive loss. This is very effective but you have to consult the doctor first before taking to avoid l-arginine side effects. You must remember that every drug has side effects so you must consult first a doctor to give you the right dose or advice you not to take it due to presence of some ailment like sickle cell anemia or liver disease.
Since have many patients proven the effective l-arginine benefits, why not try it, because you will surely live longer but also very affordable compare to other treatment of lipidemia. You will only spend $100 per month for l-arginine supplement which is really cheaper than other supplement sold by net working or in the drug stores.
Consult your doctor now before its to late. Everybody knows cardiovascular disease or stroke is fatal but still some are not minding or seeking medical attention.


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