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Human Immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS- Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

  • is when infected partner have sexual contact unprotected,
  • when HIV positive blood transfused to other person
  • the use of HIV infected needles especially among drug addicts.
  • A pregnant woman may also transmit the virus to the new offpring, but not in all cases
  • when using an infected needles for injectable medication
  • accidental needle prick injuries

Virus outside a human body is easy to kill like when an infected blood spill to the floor, can be killed by cleaning with water and few drops of clorox. Shake hands, hugging a person with HIV, drinking glasses are not possible way that virus can be transmitted. Mosquito bites cannot transmit HiV.

Sexual Contact is mostly the mode of transmission for HIV positive here in the Philippines. More than half of HIV cases are due to heteresexual contact, followed by homosexual contact and bisexual contact.
Other modes of transmission were prenatal transmission, blood transfusion, drug use through injection and needle prick injuries. Almost half of the HIV positive were OFW and more on males .
Source: Phil Daily Inquirer


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