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After i gave birth of my first born child, I bought a new house. It is just only a simple house but cute with two bed rooms, one toilet bath, small kitchen, living room and garage. But we don't have a car yet until now. I became a zero balance and i am already resigned from work . I have a house but i don't have any other resources. I need to make money as soon as possible. I planned to put up a store in my garage. I wished to convert this idle garage to a small grocery store rather than to rent a space in commercial area. Why not make business in my house and at the same time i could take care of my child and save for rental as well. I went to lending company for a business credit. This is the the only way to push through my plans although i am penniless, i am determined to start at least a small business, i have no collateral but it was all granted with very low interest rates. Just like a magic my garage turned to a small grocery store. After several months my store became bigger and bigger while paying also my monthly payment for my loan. It is really like a magic. I am sure it is all the same like unsecured personal loans. If you want to visit or travel a place unexpectedly because you are stressed by somethings... at the moment you apply for personal loans, tsuk! within several minutes you can go already where you want to go.

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