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Here in the Philippines is now the highest user of cellphone. Just imagine how Filipino people patronizes cellphones. From small kids age 6-7 years old has already his own cellphone and can operate by himself. Know why? A very close family relationships is the trait of every Filipino that will never fade. Always make sure there is a contineous contact or communication with each other. When cellphones invented and launched a decade ago Philippines is one of the highest consumers throughout the world for business and personal transaction. But most users had it only for personal purposes and made it sure that they have the latest model. I tell you ! there are also poor Filipino people who are living in the squatters area but they have their own loaded cellphone. For them, to have a cellphones looks like already had great breakfast.
One time i was shopping in SM Mega Mall .I was in kids department store ,there two kids at five to seven years old who are also shoppings. One of the kid's cellphone rang and the five years old boy answered his Cellphone "We are here Mommy at toys kingdom safely. Just shop there and fetch us here at Toys Kingdom when you are finished shopping. Just take your time." I am touched and amazed the importance of cellpnone when kids in the malls. At their early age they learned the proper use of cellphones and it is a big help to parents because she can monitor the whereabouts of their kids when they go outside the house. That is how fanatic cellphone user my countrymen that is why i am planning to put up cellphone store although I know there is a very tight competitions and they are already established . I have browsed a site that helps me to use the right marketing strategy to make a business boomed without delay.
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