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Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type of Disease is the irreversible type of dementia characterized by progressive impairments of memory, judgment, language, cognition and self care . Or in other words it is a loss of memory of an aged individual and the cause is still unknown. It is the disease of among aged affecting approximately 20% of the population at age 80 years old. Once a grandparent manifest symptoms of dementia they submit for institutionalization because they don't have the knowledge and understanding dementia If no one of the family member is not specialized on dementia nursing care is really impossible that your grandparent will be given a proper care unless you hired a specialized caregiver to look after her/him 24 hours a day. Well it is not really easy to take care of dementia patient. This needs a full understanding and knowledge about dementia disease including all the possible dementia symptoms. This is focus on care rather than cure. They are potential for injury during the time of impulsive behavior and confusion. They get easily irritated to something and refuses self care despite of assisting them. There are times that there are dementia patient who are not institutionalized and just at home but they are abandoned and restrained. Maybe due to their children are irresponsible or lack of knowledge about the right of the aged individual that they must have to care them and they must have to submit for dementia treatment.

I am really glad about this web site They offers education about dementia disease and the signs and symptoms and treatment and care. Yes this is really important to every individual to learn everything about dementia. We need to care for our aged parents as how they care for us when we were young.

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    Knowing what the symptoms of dementia are and how to address them are crucial. Whether it's someone we know who's getting older or we ourselves, at some point we'll be faced with the issue of mental decline and the possibility of dementia.

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