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When i went abroad, i was single that time and most of my batch mate were married women. These married woman has legal husband with children left in our country.They are older than me so i prefer to be close to them and consider them as my older sister or my mother because i was the youngest among the newly hired in this country. I need someone who is matured like my mother to tell me the right advices if in case i lost from my right path. Unfortunately, my expectations was totally different because after a month they have already boyfriends and dating someone. As a neophyte, I was wondering how come they become a cheating house wives. Their husbands trusted their wives not to cheat them. But these women openly real cheating wives without the knowledge of their husband. Their husband is away so they become lonely cheating wives . They were aggressive and romantic not like those singles like me. That's the reason why men more close to them and date them all the way.

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  1. Mahendra-Jambi said...
    wow...i afraid to imagine......nice info so we know the caused....

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