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ABDOMINAL HERNIA- is the protrusion of a viscus through the wall of the cavity in which it is naturally contained and may result from congenital or acquired weakness of the abdominal wall
1. Inguinal hernia

  • indirect inguinal hernia-due to weakness of the abdominal wall at the point through which the spermatic cord emerges (in the male) and the round ligament (in the female). Extends to inguinal canal and often to the scrotum ( for male) and labia ( for female)
  • direct inguinal hernia-passes through the posterior inguinal wall and this is more difficult to repair than indirect
2. Femoral hernia- appears below the groin and frequent in women

3. Umbilical hernia- when umbilical orifice failed to closed . Common also to obese person and children when there is a protrusion of the umbilicus

4. Ventral or incisional hernia due to weakness of the abdominal wall usually occur to an infected previous abdominal operation with drainage.

  • irreducible- adhesion form between sac and its contents
  • incarcerated - intestinal flow is completely obstructed
  • strangulated - blood and intestinal flow is completely obstructed

Sign and Symptoms:
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • swelling of hernial sac


  1. RJ said...

    Pagkatapos ng surgical procedure, may mga bumabalik, just like with my late Grandpa's case. Twice siyang naoperahan because of this. Is it congenital or hereditary? Nakakatakot!
    Nanaybelen said...
    bakit daw ba sya naoperahan ulit?
    kung parehong site ang 2nd oreration - baka naman hindi nagclose yong incision ng first operation kaya nagka hernia ulit
    kung magkaibang site- siguro nga congenital at baka masyadong mahina ang abdominal wall yung grand pa mo.
    ito ay nursing openion ko lang. ang doctor lang mismo ang maka-kaalam sa kaso ng grand pa mo at sana inexplain nya bakit maoperahan ulit. ask ko lang? ang first operation ba ay gumaling? nainfection ba?
    Tey said...
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