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URINARY TRACK INFECTION- caused by the invasion of pathogenic microorganism in the urinary track.

Sites of the urinary tract where microorganisms usually invade are the following:
Bladder- infection of the bladder called Cystitis
Urethra- infection of the urethra is called urethritis
Prostate- infection of the prostate is called prostatitis

Bacteriurea - presence of bacteria in the urine upon urine laboratory examination which indicates infection


  • urinary obstruction or stasis due to possible urethral stenosis or stone or tumor
  • increasing intraluminal pressure or over distended bladder
  • fecal soiling of urethral meatus
  • due to pressure or injury during catheterazation or cystoscopy
  • old age or pregnancy
  • patient with diabetis mellitus or arteriosclerosis are prone to infection due to lack of blood supply.


  • In female urethra is prone to bacterial invasion, unless personal hygiene is stringently. Organisms migrated from intestinal content (fecal). May sometimes sometimes accidentally enters the bladder and infect the urethra. If infection remained in the bladder it is termed Cystitis
  • in women seem to be more prone to develop cystitis because has a shorter length of urethra, anatomic proximity to vagina so infection apt to develop after mechanical coitus
  • anatomic proximity to rectum so infection apt to develop infection due to fecal contamination
Signs and Symptoms:
  • difficulty of urination
  • urinary frequency
  • urgency
  • pain
  • back pain if there is involvement of the kidney
  • fever - if temperature rises , patient has to submit urine investigation for pus in the urine

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  1. Anne said...
    Thanks for sharing this information. Just yesterday I was informed by my Dr. that I have a UTI and was prescribed antibiotics. I started taking them today. hope they do the job. I didn't know it could get that bad. lots of thanks!
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