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Heart disease like heart attack is now the number one killer in my country (Philippines). Most of those wealthy Filipinos going abroad like in the United States prefer to seek medical treatment or surgery such as Heart bypass surgery. Most of the patient having this disease are from middle class to higher class especially executives whose works are emotionally stressful and no physical exertion and those also the people who can afford to buy and used to eat delicious food but fatty and mostly rich in cholesterol.These are the foods that highly prone to form plaque-like deposits containing fatty substance, mostly cholesterol, fatty acids, and often calcium which form in the inner wall of an artery. Once the plaque build up, plaques clogged the arteries and blocks the nutrients and oxygen supply of the heart . Through the blood investigation result- the increasing of normal level of cholesterol in the blood stream and there are certain oral drug medications to lower down the increase of normal level of cholesterol of our body but when arteries clogged there is no other treatment than to create a coronary bypass continuos blood flow to supply heart' muscle with nutrients and oxygen. Once the heart failed to received blood supply , patient suffer of chest pain called angina.

Coronary Artery bypass Surgery is a surgical procedure to relieved angina and reduce the risk of death from coronary artery disease. Performed to route blood flow around clogged arteries. Arteries and veins in the patient's body are grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass the clogged arteries and improve the blood supply to the hearts blood circulation which is supplying the heart muscles.
I know many of you are suffering coronary disease that needs surgery, you may search for further information about coronary bypass surgery.
atherosclerosis which needs bypass operation

Heart bypass surgery - series
heart bypass surgery - series


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