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LYMPHEDEMA - ELEPHANTIASIS - is due to obstruction of the lymph flow in the extremities and usually both extremities are affected' In some cases, radical mastectomy ( removal of the breast due to carcinomas) both lymph nodes, vessels are obstructed resulting swelling of the arms. For cases of lymphedema in the lower extremities is due to varicose veins and phlebitis.Lymph obstruction due to parasites tend to frequent infection, when invasion of filaria parasites leads to chronic infection characterized by high fever and chills. tendency to a chronic fibrosis and thickening of the subcutaneous tissues and hyperthrophy of the skin. Extremities swells so much and given the name elephantiasis.

  • apply elastic bandage
  • elevation of the affected part
  • proper hygiene to prevent further chance of infection


  1. Ivana said...
    great info.anyway,thanks for visiting my North Sulawesi blog
    iceah said...
    dropping by c:
    Pat O'Connor said...
    Hey - just wanted to make a correction on the treatment/management of ymphedema.

    Diuretics are contraindicated for lymphedema. While they o remove fluid, they are unable to move the heavier molecule protein that so fills the lymph fluid in the affected limb. The long term result is a worsening of the condition with extreme fibrosis, more swelling and susceptibility to infections.

    The only time a lymphedema patient should use diuretics is if they have a co-morbidity that required them. An example would be congestive heart failure.

    Also, as strange as it might seem, there really is no necessity for a low-salt diet.


    Pat O'Connor
    Hereditary lymphedema since 1952
    B-cell lymphoma since 1995

    My Life with Lymphedema
    Nanaybelen said...
    From my source- medical nursing book- some doctors ordered diuretics.

    as you have said needed by a patient with congestive heart failure. so

    Thanks for information. during my nursing practice seldom meet this case
    How are you now?

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