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AREGENERATIVE ANEMIA- failure by the bone marrow to release new red cells at a rate sufficient to maintain the red cell count and hemoglobin concentration at normal levels


  • result from physical injury to the bone marrow such as occationally occurs in chronic exposure to x-ray or radioactive materials
  • caused by mechanical interference with blood formation encountered in leukemia, plasmona, myeloma, hodgekin disease of bone marrow
  • physical injury to the bone marrow- occurs in chronic exposure to x ray or radioactive materials
  • bone marrow fibrosis -unknown cause

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  1. iceah said...
    thanx for the visit c: i wanted to become a nurse once yet i'm not good in chemistry, anyway i got a different kind of anemia. i don't sleep much and i get dizzy if i don't sleep well. i need suppliment of iron every day to maintain me.

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