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IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA- iron deficit in which the blood hemoglobin and the red blood cell count are below normal level


  • failure of the patient to ingest or absorb sufficient dietary iron to compensate for the iron requirement
  • loss of iron due to bleeding such as gastrointestinal bleeding, excessive menstrual flow
  • due to increase of iron requirement during pregnancy and menstruation

for mild anemia-
  • limited pallor
  • fatigue
  • dyspnea- difficulty of bleeding
for severe anemia-
  • hemoglobin count result is below 8 gm. per 100 ml (12 gm. normal hemoglobin count)
  • weakness
  • fatigability
  • breathlessness
  • cardiac palpitation
  • sore of the tongue
  • nail brittle-spoon shaped


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