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PLEURISY -is the inflammation of the pleura

Condition in which Pleurisy develop at the onset or during :

  • pneumonia
  • tuberculosis
  • after trauma to the chest
  • pulmonary infarction, embolism
Diagnostic Test:
  • X ray
  • sputum exam
  • pleural biopsy
  • examination of fluid from thoracentesis for culture and smear
Signs and Symptoms:
  • chest pain- sharp and knife like pain on inspiration
  • fever-
  • malaise

Nursing Measures:
  • Bed rest
  • implement nursing measures for the underlying cause of pleurisy
  • instruct to lie on the affected side to support the chest wall
  • analgesic as per doctors order for pain
  • watch for the signs of development of pleural effusion

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