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MYOCARDITIS - in an inflammation of the myocardium

Signs and Symptoms

  • fatique
  • dyspnea- difficulty of breathing
  • palpitations
  • occasional pre cordial discomfort
Findings to a patient with myocardium
  • cardiac murmur- heart sounds like fluid passing an obstruction due to the dysfuntion of the papillary muscles of the heart
  • enlargement of the heart
  • pericardial friction
  • fever with tachycardia-
  • gallop rhythm
  • possible development of congestive heart failure
Nursing Cares:
  • Monitoring vital Signs , heart sounds pulse, respirations and blood pressure record and report further abnormality
  • Rmeasure and record daily fluid output and input
  • record weight daily
  • check for any presence of edema on extremities
  • Carry out medications accurately and observed for toxic effect of digitalis
  • elevate head for if patient request
  • observed for development of dysrhythmias
  • resuscitation equipment is always ready
  • emotional support to patient to prevent anxiety
  • proper approach to answer her question



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