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Wow. Nouveau Riche has a website about the the testimonials of the the university students employee, investors, instructors from the NRU community and share their success stories and amazing success of their business. Many of them have changed their life from poverty into fame. They are a products of the Nouveau University who now enjoying the opportunity of raising huge money on real estate investments.

Nouveau Riche can't stop investors of sharing their positive cash flow. Nouveau Riche's amazing achievements of their contineous encouragement and education on business . They are updating the new trend on business. Again by next week two FREE business-building events featuring Master Trainer and Nouveau Riche -founder Bob Snyder Learn the essential skills needed to run a money-making business in the exclusive Leadership Training event—PLUS invite your guests to an exciting Special Edition of Nouveau Riche.

Dr. Laura Palmer Noone a former president of University of Phoenix is now the CEO of Nouveau Riche University. Being the most popular and intelligent executive with so many achievements not only in education but also in other successful and progressive organization because of her leadership. I congratulate Nouveau Riche for having Dr. Laura Palmer as the CEO. It is a big opportunity that this university will be soon one of the largest University in the world. Students out there enroll now at Noveau University and for more information search on


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