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Nouveau Riche's multi visions and goals on education, events , about and press. First objective is to educate students or anyone who is determined to learn about real state investing or successful entrepreneurs.They will help anyone to know the strategy to become a rich . Nouveau Riche is always ready with an open doors to everybody even to poor students are given the chance to study and learn the vital information on business success. Provides tools , training and seminars, systems and support to avail the right path to be successful in business. The best smart and experienced professor will openly gives the tips and shares the secret for success. Personally i am impressed so much and congratulates Nouveau Riche because of their sincerity of sharing their knowledge and facilities to everyone. No wonder, Nouveau Riche was featured also in business magazine and the press are interested to cover all the events. For more information search on

The new Chief Executive Officer of Nouveau Riche now is Laura Palmer Noone. Who does not know about Laura Palmer? She was the President of University of Phonex the largest university of the intire world. She was the one who made this university the largest. How lucky Nouveau Riche to have Laura Palmer as the chief officer. She started working with Nouveau Riche by focusing on small business and entrepreneural to the students. Aside from being a preident of Phonex , she also serves as board on the Arizona Board for Private postsecondary Education and the Arizona Family College. She is also involves in several charitable foundations and institutions.

Nouveau was founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo with the intent of offering practical knowledge for jump-starting students' careers. It offers associate and bachelor's degrees in business.


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