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Colonoscopy is the direct visualization of the large intestine by the use of colonoscope to assess the the large intestines for a presence a condition such as polyps, strictures, ulcerative collitis, crohn's disease and cancer condition.
Preparation Care to patient before Colonoscopy

  • First explain the procedure to the patient/ immediate family. Understanding about the procedure promotes cooperation and relieve anxiety to patient.
  • Take the consent from patient or immediate family.
  • Limit patients intake to clear liquids for 24-48 hours before the procedure or as directed by the endoscopist
  • administer cathartic as prescribed by the physician in the evening for two days before the examination
  • saline enemas until return are clear 3 hours before the colonoscopy
  • prepare equiptments and be sure all are working properly
  • let patient void and gown to be on
  • Administer all medications ordered by physician like analgesic or sedative
  • keep vein open for administering emergency medications as directed by the physician
  • Vital signs taken and record
Nurse assist the physician during the procedure


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