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Abbreviation and Terms:

O.D. - ocular Dexter; or R.E.- right eye
O.S. - 0cular sinester; or L.E. - left eye
O.U. - ocular unistas; or O2 - both eyes together
D -diopter - unit of measurement of strenght of refractive power of lenses
E.O.M- extra ocular muscles
H ( hyperopia, hypermetropia - farsightedness
HT (hypertropia)- upward deviation of one eye
ST (esotropia)- inward deviation of one eye
XT (exotropia)- outward deviation of one eye. { convex+} {concave-}
Diplopia- seeing one object as two (double vision)
Ectropion- turning out of eyelid
Entropion- turning in of eyelid
Ptosis - drooping of upper eyelid
Presbyopia- lessining of power of accommodation owing to aging process
Photophobia - fear of light


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