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Two thousand and nine is the year of the Ox according to Chinese Astrology. They said that ox is a hard working animal so those who born under the year of an ox is lucky this year because they are a hard working person and can acquires huge money for this year. But
Nouveau Riche University blog is a website i have found which i think do not consider whatever astrology it is . Everyday, every year they keep on working and striving for their goals and so many of their investors successfully achieved in their business especially realty. Just like last month December 29th is already a holiday but there was an Chairman's Call with CEO to conduct a meeting and inspirational call to all investors and Nouveau Riche University students and employess to share great news to help them move full-speed ahead.

Good News! Nouveau Riche University created for members of the nationwide Nouveau Riche community to share your pictures, testimonials and stories of your experience with Nouveau Riche, and network with other like-minded community members...
Do you know Laura Palmer Noone? well she was the president, of the University of Phoenix, is now chief executive officer at Nouveau Riche University a Scottsdale school with a small-business and entrepreneurial focus that admitted its first student last month.She is a well known former university of Phonex and she is involved in so many charitable institution.


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