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Lots of factors that causes people to get sick. Cancer now is the most dreaded disease around the world. Usually people belief that cancer is inherit from parents or grand parents. I myself too I have seen families that cancer is the major cause of death in their family . maybe they have just prone to acquire the disease due to low resistance when they expose to factors which causes cancer. Eating a lot of foods with preservatives , smoking, work related , exposure to radiation or hazardous chemicals, alcohol, viruses, sunlight. All these may all the factors that cause cancer. In our daily life, seems that hard to get away from it. And usually , we thought that we are strong and healthy but unexpectedly we just have known that we have already stage 2 or 3 . and immediately no other treatment given than chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The only treatment with a major side effects like deflition of immune system of the patient , become weak , anemic, loss of hair and many more. The New Hope Medical Center is an alternative cancer center is here to assist and provide alternative treatments to patient instead of giving a massive dose of chemotherapy . One common cancer is breast cancer. Well , an aternative breast cancer treatment is easy to prevent , just an in dividual itself to do always self breast examination and learn to eat proper diet . Any lumps felt must seek immdiately medical check up. Early detection and early treatment can prevent cancer.

New hope Medical Center have the idea that not all cancer patient needs a large dose of chemotherapy because it will just only deplete immune system of patient and lowers down resistance and patient suffer more on negative side effects. Alternative cancer treatment is giving Low dose chemotherapy is a effective against cancer treatment and keeping immune system stay intact. They also focus on psychological support to patient and the family. Any disease, emotional support is helpful.For more information search on their website

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  1. Elinor Phillips said...
    This article is really informative. I really need to watch what I'm eating, also know on how to prevent cancer. We should take good care of our health.

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