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Nouveau Riche University had gone so far. Had already consider by the Fox magazine as one of the richest university . From small university had already reached what the university's vision to become one of the largest university in the world, The biggest university to provide the highest level of education to student enrolled in this Nouveau Riche University . You will amazed about the greatest achievement of this university.
Recently Nouveau Riche University had acquired the Institute of Construction Management & Technology (ICMT) offering Bachelor's and masters degrees in the area of construction management and construction technology . This is not easy to acquire such a new course like this but Nouveau Riche University have able to present the requirements and found a very much qualified for the accreditation to offer to open Institute of Construction Management and Technology. Expected to provide a broader range of relevant, real world academic experiences to students of Nouveau Riche University.
Nouveau University, founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo, he has founded many successful businesses and one is Nouveau Riche University. Businesses including Nouveau Riche, a real estate investment education company which has educated more than 30,000 students nationwide. And she has a down to earth characteristic being a good person as well that he acknowledge the accomplishment of Dr. Hartman's leadership and the bright and smart faculty members of the university. More on the Nouveau Riche University- Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, former President of University of Phoenix, the largest private university in the world, has been named as the Chief Executive Officer for Nouveau Riche University. So no wonder if Nouveau Riche University will hooked the top level of education and provide to the smart and talented students.


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