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Environmental control and help to avoid the offending Allergen to control asthma attacks of patient or a child. First a parents must have to understand that dust will trigger asthma attacks. so keep the child's room or house to be free from dust . If possible live in an environment free from pollution.

  • In his room only furnitures needed and remove carpets, upholtered furnitures ,books .or unnessary dust collecting objects.
  • Avoid irritating odors like any chemical agents , tobacco smoke perfumes , paits , cooking odors and etc
  • Remove stuff toys or rugs
  • Avoid pets
  • Take drugs that are only prescribed by the doctor

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  1. Tey said...
    I try not to btake any mdeicatin when I have minor sickness unless it getting bad, then I will go to the doctor. Thanks for the advice, Very thoughtful of you
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