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Six years ago , my friend studied medical assistant at St Augustine School, Philippines. She is a widow, 48 years old, she has US visa, and stay at home mom. All her four kids finished college and already working so she does not need to work hard anymore. It happened that St. Augustine School open near in our vicinity, she enrolled medical assistant course. She was convincing me to enroll also but my problem was i can't attend the class because I have kids to attend at my home. That time I was not aware if medical assistant schools , have an online class for medical assistant course. Just yesterday when I was browsing the computer directory i found St Augustine School of Medical Assistant is offering online class . Wow! a good news to all who cannot attend classes in school and determined to study medical assistant course in your home or anywhere you are at anytime . This is your opportunity to complete the entire program at your own convenience even the training in laboratory and basic clinical duty will be all provided online.

Duties and responsibilities of medical assistant as a health care professionals is to assist the specialist physician in keeping all the records and keep the doctors office and facilities ready for the physician able to works effectively. Assist also the physician in performing basic procedures in the clinic or in the hospital .
Hospitals and clinics are increasing worldwide. Every country is in need of more medical assistant professionals. St Augustine School of Medical Assistant offering this course to meet the needs of the world. You can enroll, register and pay tuition fees online. By online classes you will surely provided to you the complete education including online professional teaching for every subjects and laboratory trainings to complete the whole curriculum. Certificate issued after 6-8 weeks after the final examination. Enroll now!


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