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To begin with, the meaning of Nouveau Riche (French for "new rich"), or new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation.'
From fortune magazines enumerated all the billioners all over the world. Yes they are the kings and a families who have successful businesses scatterred all over the world. Like SAM MOORE WALTON, 73 and family Bentonville ARKANSAS $21.1 39.3% of Wal-Mart. Last year, with sales of $32.6 billion, Wal-Mart outsold not just the mom and pop stores it's been putting out of business in small towns across America, but also retailing giant Sears, at least domestically. This performance really lifted the stock, making the Waltons America's richest family.
Now Nouveau Riche created a community Web site 'for the students . This could just a fun and is one ay of start a business to make it profitable. Well I congratulate them in advance I am very sure they will able to reach their goal being a successful businessmen and a billioner soon to be.
No one born already a billioner and no one became an instant billioner except you won lotto or you have already wealth passed to you by your parents. Billiones acquired always from nothing but through hardships patients, perseverance and strategies. So many well known billioners are written in books and magazines about their life story. Their story became interesting because they had undergone the process of rags to riches. They rises from poverty to fame and wealth. It's amazing stories but it's a real. These real stories helps the poor not to stop or loss their hope to became rich like these people. Aim High! there is no impossible under the sun. Nouveau Riche is one of them!


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