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Preciosa Felisiano, 24 years old nurse was kifnapped on July 7 by suspected members of the Abu Sayyap, a muslim extremist group. Two others -aid worker Millet Mendoza and nursing student Joed Anthony Pilangga are still being held hostage by kidnappers but know body knows where and who keep them. Preciosa does not know and said had not seen them because she was keptby kidnappers in one house alone untill his father given a ransom money.
Millet Mendoza was kidnapped last September with other health worker but the four fellow was released immediately. the other hostage name Esperanzita Hupida was release last month after her family paid 2 million pesos.
According to the news Phil Star- there are 33 people were kidnapped by the Abu Sayyap and closed to p50 million already paid in ransom.
Philippine gouvernment failed to stop Abu Sayyap kidnapping for ransom. It's not anymore a headline news if ever there is kidnapped not like before that it nationwide news and the gouvernment showing an effort to recover the victims as soo as possible.
"There is a growing frustration and disappointments among the relatives and friends of the victims over the way authorities are dealing with the cases. There is no public attentions given since this victim are not well known people," statement given by relatives of kidnap victims.

credit to Phil. Star News Nov. 9 2008


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