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There are many diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact Almost all of them are troublesome and most of them are not yet treatable especially disease causing virus.

Genital warts are common skin benign tumor caused by virus. A small slowly growing virus belonging to the papillomavirus group as single multiple soft, fleshy papillary or painless growth around the anus, vaginal area (for female), penis (for male), urethra or perineum. It is called as "venereal wart" because it is a sexually transmitted disease which around 20 million people in the US are now carrier of papillomavirus. This is transmitted through sexual contact with the infected partner. It may be diagnosed based on the clinical presentation and Colposcopy used to diagnosed certain lesions in the cervical area. Lesions may enlarged and produces tissue distraction on the patient . Symptoms of genetal warts starts with tiny flesh- colored and cauliflower -shaped lesions in the genetals. Discomforts arises from genetal area due to dampness of vaginal fluid excretion. Lesions in the cervix are painful and bleeds if distracted during intercourse. Most of the time infected individual complained of tingling ang burning sensation over the lesion and on the papules over the shaft of the penis.

Genetal warts and pregnancy, the warts enlarged during pregnancy and extremely vascular and may obstruct the birth canal for delivery. And this is one of the problem of infected mother who are pregnant because the possibility to pass the infection like laryngeal papillomatosis when passing the baby in the infected birth canal. This is life threatining condition .well you so many more information if you search this site concentrates all about genetal wart review. This is really important to all of us to be educated and aware always on sexully transmitted diseases.


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