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ACUTE TRACHEOBRONCHITIS- acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea and the bronchial tree


  • often follows infection of the upper respiratory track
  • inhalation of physical and chemical irritants like gasses or other polluted air
  • patient with viral infection has a lower resistance and prone to develop secondary bacterial infection
Signs and Symptoms:
  • mucopurulent sputum which is secreted by the edematous mucosa of the bronchi
  • dry irritating cough
  • sternal soreness from coughing
  • fever
  • headache
  • general malaise
  • if progresses , profuse and purulent and cough becomes looser
FOR CHILDREN- Acute Tracheobronchitis is serious disease and a child is acutely ill have noisy respiration with inter-costal retraction. Strict nursing monitoring of the child and prompt action for any respiratory obstruction:

FOR AGED are prone to develop Bronchopneumonia as a complication due to their inability to cough out secretions therefore tend to retain the mucopurulent exudate

Nursing Measures:
  • bed rest
  • increase fluid intake to liquefy the thick tenacious secretion and can be easily expectorate
  • hot compress to relieve soreness and pain
  • hot drinks may prove soothing
  • Fruit juices are rich in Vitamin C will increase resistant against infection
  • steam inhalation to loosen secretion and relieve laryngeal and tracheal irritation
  • for aged- frequent turning side to side and put in sitting position


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