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DYSPNEA -difficulty of breathing
it is a symptom common to:

  • pulmonary conditions including :
  1. tracheal and bronchial obstruction due to inflammation
  2. pleurisy
  3. tumors of the mediastinum
  4. aspirated foreign bodies
  • cardiac condition
  • anemia
  • psychiatric condition as anxiety
  • acute disease of the lungs
  • parynchymal lesion of the lungs
  • atelectasis

Signs and Symptoms
  • rapid respiratory rate or reduced
  • each breath shallow and deep
  • appear anxious
  • pupils dilated mouth held open
  • tongue , lips are dry
  • skin become moist and cyanotic
  • Bed rest
  • Administration of oxygen inhalation therapy
  • Treatment depends on the disease that causes dyspnea

Source:medical nursing book , my nursing notes


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