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It is a form of paroxysmal difficulty of breathing which is characterized by wheezy breathing.


  • sudden cough
  • tightness in the chest
  • wheezy breathing
  • exhaling is more strenuous and longer duration than inhale which force the patient to sit in upright position
  • bluish of skin color and profuse sweating
  • weak pulse
  • lower extremities are cold
  • maybe fever but occasionally pain, nausea and vomiting, sometimes diarrhea
  • attacks may last for one hour to several hours and this could be fatal
  • emotional stress may trigger a patient to asthmatic if he's susceptible
  1. Place patient in a room free from noise
  2. Avoid visitors and noisy relatives.
  3. Alleviate patient's anxiety and exhaustion.
  4. Give mild sedatives as prescribed by the doctor.
  5. Use supportive devices like pillows to lie on in upright position comfortably.
  6. Have positive and calm approach to patient
  7. Ensure the patient to sleep well without any disturbance after an attack.
  8. Educate patient and relatives to keep away the patient from precipitating factors that triggers future attack.
  9. Remove patient from allergic materials.
  10. Asthmatic children should provide with best available facilities for good mental and physical hygiene, proper rest, proper nutrition and social readjustment.
  11. Control secondary infections
  • encourage to eat nutritious foods
  • increase fruit juices that are reach in vitamin C to increase resistance against infection
  • keep patient away from those infections such as cough and colds
  • educate the patient that any bluish discoloration of her skin or nails is abnormal and must report to the physician and not ignore it
  1. Keep away patient from which material he's sensitive and allergic. i.e. pillows, mattress, cats


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