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I. Control the carsinogenic growth.

  • prepare and assist patient for surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy before during and after
  • discuss the method of administration, expected side effect and the overall goal of therapy
  • give psychological support
  • listen and observe patient's anxieties
II. Give medications as prescribed by the doctor, like sedatives, anti histamine and anti emetic.

III. Prevent infection either local or systemic

IV. Maintain fluids and electrolytes because tissue metabolic rate is elevated and need to clear waste from the body

V. Combat anemia by offering bland high calorie and high protein foods

VI. Give low residue for any diarrhea

VII. Minimize nausea and vomiting. Give anti emetic as prescribed by the doctor. Advised oral care

VIII. Alleviate Pain
  • evaluate the quality, intensity and duration of pain as well as patient's response to pain
  • make patient feel comfortable and encourage turning side to side, moving or walking
IX. To control odor by maintaining overall proper hygiene. Remove the source of odor.

X. Control bleeding, monitor pulse rate, observe and record the amount of blood, put the pressure on the site if accessible.

XI. Prevent constipation, increase fluid intake, fruit juices, give suppositories as prescribed.

XII. Assist the patient to cope up with the situation
  • shows to feel that the patient is understood
  • develop a supportive relationship with the patient
XIII. Maintain good oral hygiene. Use mouthwash, brush teeth with soft toothbrush every after meal. | 1 comments


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