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HERPES SIMPLEX INFECTION-commonly produce the familiar herpes labialis

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Prodromal period - soreness, burning sensation, swelling in area where lesions will develop
  • Small vesicles appear in the mucocutaneous junction of the lips or adjacent skin, single or clustered, may erupt on the lips, tongue, the cheeks and the pharynx
  • Vesicles rupture- ulceration fuse together in form larger weeping ulcer and last 7-14 days

Nursing Measure:

  • increase fluid intake
  • encouraged to eat nutritious foods
  • encouraged to drink enough fruit juices that are rich in Vitamin C-increase resistance to infection
  • proper disposal of used tissue and other material used for the ruptured blisters
  • advise regular and oral hygiene to make patient feel comfortable
  • carry out prescribe medications intelligently.

Source: medical -Surgical Nursing Books


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