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SINUSITIS-is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of paranasal sinuses
due to viral upper respiratory infection

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain:
  1. frontal sinusitis-patient complain of headache in the frontal area
  2. ethmoidal sinusitis-patient complain of pain near about the eyes
  3. maxillary sinusitis- patient complain of pain is lateral to nose and sometimes accompanied by toothache in the upper corner side.
  4. sphenoidal sinusitis- headache in the occipital area
  • nasal congestion or discharging- may or may not be present
  • patient feels generally miserable quite apart from pain
  • fever is present if acute supurative infection


  • psychological support to a patient in pain
  • bed rest
  • keep patient comfortably as much as possible to alleviate mssirable feelings
  • warm compress.
  • proper disposal of tissues or anything used for the discharges

CHRONIC SINUSITIS- usually manifest by the following:

  • persistent nasal obstruction due to the discharge and edema of the nasal mucous membrane
  • cough produced by constant dripping of discharge back to the naso pharynx
  • feeling facial fullness due to presence of nasal discharge
  • headache


  1. Gilbert/ Cely said...
    thanks for posting this one! I appreciate it so much!
    RJ said...
    I have a history of having sinusitis back in the Philippines. Very painful, especially during stooping position! In severe cases, I couldn't even open my eyes- I couldn't stand the very bright light!

    I'm living in Australia for 19 months now, and have never experienced sinusitis problems here, so far. I just don't know if the air quality is one of the predisposing factors for this.

    Thanks for the one you've listed under 'nursing care'- the warm compress. I should've felt so much relief had I tried doing it. My doctor in the Phils. haven't told me about it, he only focussed on the same line of Tx you've given here.

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