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Cancer Nursing

Cancer is one of the leading cause of death nowadays. It may strikes at any age but may cure at early treatment.

The nurse's role is very important in any team fighting cancer. Public health must have to promote prevention rather than to cure that the early detection and prevention is very effective in decreasing the mortality and morbidity of cancer.

Nurse's responsibility for early detection and avoiding farther stage of cancer.

  • encourage to undergo diagnostic procedure
  • psychological in spiritual support
  • educate to meet the proper nutrition and the amount of fluids that must have to take daily
  • carry out treatment and assist to learn the proper taking of treatment of malignancy itself
  • assisting the rehabilitation and convalescence of the patient
  • follow up all treated patients
  • taking the collection of data for records
  • assist planning for the care of individual who is not yet terminated
C - hange in bowel or bladder habits
A - sore that does not heal
U - nusual bleeding or discharge
T - hickening lump in breast or elsewhere
I - ndigestion or difficulty in swallowing
O - Obvious change of wart or mole
N - agging cough or hoarseness


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