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  • an stimulus produced from an infectious process or from an irritant such as smoke , smog, dust or a gas
  • a "watch dog" of the lungs- a protection against the accumulation of secretions in the bronchi or bronchioles
  • it indicate pulmonary disease

  • is harsh and loud -indicate a disease of the trachea or large bronchi
  • is with painful, short dry cough may indicate a lesion of the parenchyma or pleura
  • is with profuse amount of purulent sputum, patient may have an infectious process
  • there is a gradual increase of sputum over a period of time may the symptom af chronic bronchitis or bronchiectasis
  • with pink- tinged mucoid sputum is an indication of lung tumor
  • profuse frothy pink material may indicate pulmonary edema
Nursing Measure for patient with cough:
  • note the amount, odor, color of sputum
  • mouth care and wise selection of food to stimulate his appetite
  • proper environment - after proper washing of sputum cups, emesis basin should be remove away from his meal arrives to prevent him from loss of appetite emotionally
  • encourage citrus fruits to feel a fresher mouth


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